P E T A's Annual Worst Dressed List !!

  1. 'Heirheads' Paris Hilton and Kimberly Stewart Top PETA's Annual 'Worst-Dressed' List

    A tacky affinity for fur has landed the following celebrities on PETA's Annual 'Worst-Dressed' List for 2005:
    [​IMG]1. Paris Hilton: Now we know what happens to all of Paris Hilton's cast-off pets. And if she keeps on wearing fur and eating at Carl's Jr., she'll be back on the list next year as Star Jones.
    [​IMG]2. Kimberly Stewart: What does Kimberly Stewart have in common with the remains of the animals killed for her furs? They're both spoiled rotten. She and best bud Paris are so clueless about animals, they should team up for a new reality show: The Simpletons.
    [​IMG]3. Lisa Gastineau: Her "TV career" is just like the fur she wears—dead on arrival. And how can she expect to nab a hot young hunk if she insists on flaunting that old beaver?
    [​IMG]4. Victoria Gotti: Gotti's fur coats make her an accessory to murder, and it's a look that goes well with cement shoes. Considering the way she dresses, her show should be called Growing Up Gaudy.
    [​IMG]5. Tara Reid: It must have been a heck of a party—she woke up wearing
  2. Interesting that Paris is #1 on the list. She talks so much about how she loves animals.
  3. Paris wrote in her book that she only wears fake furs. Is PETA against fake furs, too?
  4. ^ I read this in her book too, she stated that she loves when they look fake, the faker the better.
  5. I read recently that Paris said that she will stop wearing fur, I dunno if she meant real or fake.:shrugs: I, too, never really understood how Paris said she loves animals, but why would she wear them? Poor fluffy animals.:crybaby:
  6. ^^^ :shrugs:
  7. I'm not surprised its mostly the tacky women that wear fur.
  8. I object to K. Stewart being on the list, but only because this will make her think she's really a celebrity!
  9. :roflmfao: My thoughts exactly!!!
  10. interesting list....!:wtf:
  11. What were they thinking wearing those outfits outside of their homes????
  12. I disagree. Beyonce wears fur and I don't think she's tacky. Where is she and J. Lo on the list? They seem like staples.
  13. ugh Paris looks awful in that.

    I wonder about her too..in some Simple Life episodes she seems to really love animals (& she was against hunting) so I dunno
  14. I agree that J.Lo should be on the list and maybe Little Kim?! If they can make fakes that look as good as the real thing, which they can, then why kill (and alot are skinned alive) all those innocent animals just because someone thinks it looks fashionable!
  15. Yea...I was wondering about Beyonce.