Oxidized cabat

  1. I'm totally mesmerized by this color in picture; however, I wonder how close is the picture in comparison to the color if person? Also, what leather is it in?
    I love light, soft leathers such as nappa and chevre and I love the tonal variations you can see on the aged cabats. Would the new oxidized bronze color be too trendy or should I stick with the classic nero or noce?
    Also, what size would be suitable for a 6' 135lb male? Medium or large?
    Too many questions,but I feel I may be ready for my first cabat...
    Please advise :flowers:
  2. You MUST get this oxidized Cabat. It is AWESOME. I think it is THE Cabat to get. I would have gotten it myself, but I'm saving up for a Coco Lave crocodile bag...

    The leather is soft and supple, similar to chevre. Feels very durable and light, too. The color is TDF. I think it's better than Ottone for a guy. I, personally, would get the medium size. But you should get the large size since you're taller. The medium is $5900 and the large is $6800 (I think).

    Post pictures when you get it, so we can all drool... :drool:
  3. oh please get the oxidized cabat. although i have never seen it IRL, it's THE BV bag to get IMO. uclaboi said it right, it's better than the ottone cabat for a guy. i would personally go for a large one since 6' is much taller than me and i tote around in a medium.

    uclaboi i know you are eyeing on a croc bag. what does it look like?
  4. i've seen the oxidized cabat irl and it is tdf. perfect for a guy. it is a hard decision between the medium and the large. i think the large is more in the length of the bag so it will flop in more than the medium. i love that look and sometimes wish i had gotten my ottone in large. let us know what you decide.
  5. I'm definitely leaning towards the oxidized colors now...it just looks so special and has an ancient Rome gladiator feel to it...I just wish I got the chance to see it in person...I hope the leather is a lot softer than the patent and vachette, which I have handled and felt to be too stiff for my liking

    Still debating on the size...maybe I should try the sizes on in store when I finish all my exams...

    Does anyone know when the bag is expecting to arrive and how long the list is in the city? I hope I at least get a chance to see them before they fly off the shelf :nuts:
  6. the oxidized cabat is definitely softer than the patent leather. i'm not sure about the vachette. it does have the ancient roman gladiator feel. good luck.
  7. I'm also 6' tall, and I LOVE the Large Cabat, so the Large gets my vote! =Þ I haven't seen the oxidised effect IRL yet, but the pics look soooo pretty :yes:

    BV hasn't let us down with their metallics yet, so I have lotsa faith, and say you should totally go for it, foxie-pooh!
  8. pictures, anyone?!
  9. Catabie - I want a Cocco lave croc messenger bag. :angel::graucho:
  10. The leather is just as soft as the Ottone. I have the Vachette Cabat, and it is much more structured and harder than the Oxidized metallic. Well, you better go to BV and tell them that you are interested in one, so they know you want one. Good luck!
  11. Here's the pic that I posted before in another thread.
  12. so its a darker shade compared to ottone?

    does it come in models other than the cabat?
  13. There are a couple of other styles, all for you lucky ladies. I think Syma is waiting for one.
  14. Yep, Uclaboi, here is a pic of the one I'm waitlisted for, but have been told by my BV SA that it will be available in a few different styles including the Sloane, lets wait and see...
    oxidised bv.jpg
  15. foxie-pooh, that oxidized cabat is a winner! if i wasn't already on a purse ban that would be my next buy.