Oxidize LV Speedy

  1. Whats a way to oxidize a speedy bag during the winter. Since i won't be able leave it out in the sun? Any tips, besides waiting.
  2. only thing is keep using it, although when i was asking a LV SA about leather replacement, she said that you could use saddle soap to try to make the new leather match the older leather...
  3. some have actually used a tanning bed.
  4. tanning bed. haha yep it works
  5. I prefer the natural process by acquiring a patina by merely using it- just make sure your hands are clean and lotion-free.
  6. I used a tanning bed to get rid of the scary white . . . Gave it just enough color to look really pretty and that way I didn't have to worry about water spots as much - beautiful even patina.
  7. i actually like the lightlight patina ?

    maybe bc i like new things to stay looking brand new forever ! haha idk
  8. I have been putting my new mono speedy in the sunlight in a sunny room. My boys room is especially sunny in the afternoon so I put it on the dresser in the early part of the day and then the sun moves to my older one's bed and I set the bag on his bed for the latter part of the afternoon. I rotate the bag every half hour or so, lol so both sides get exposure. I only did this for one day so I don't know if it's working yet. I seriously don't want to wear it the way it looks now, too white, I don't like the looks of it at all, wish it would get a slight golden hue.
  9. I'm in the same situation too. I bought a mono speedy 30 last week and I have been putting it by the windowsill when it is sunny. I can't wait until it turns! I guess I think it looks fake or something when the handles are white and also I feel like it shouts out that I just got a new LV. I don't know why I would care!
  10. I love light light patina!
  11. ^^^me too. I try to avoid getting my vachetta dark
  12. I just let nature take its course. Heat (sunlight or hairdryer or leave it where it will get VERY GENTLY warmed up) can hasten the process.
  13. thanks for the tips guys:smile: :smile:
  14. I brushed vegetable oil on my new Palermo and put it in midday sunlight and voila! after 5 days, it turned honey color
  15. hello,
    can anyone say how they applied the saddle soap, vegtable oil, olive oil, etc.?
    i dont know how to apply it onto the leather(i think that's what its called!)
    thanks! :biggrin: