Oxidising chain hobo bag and Gucci After Sales!!!

  1. I bought a black medium leather chain hobo in July this year, shortly after I got it it started to go a funny pinky bronze colour so I took it into Gucci after sales in Bond Street and they said they could fix it, a month later I got the bag back and it was fine. It then did it again so I posted it back to them (I had already paid a train fare to London returning it and then had to pay for special delivery which was about £10) and they again sent it off to fix it. I got it back and it was fine. The manager told me if it happened again he would exchange it. Anyway it has now happened again, not so badly but there are patches on it. I rang him up and he said they will exchange it but not for the same bag!!! He said that it is a problem they know about due to some chemical and that there would be no point me having another one the same as that will do the same thing. I said that people on purseforum have the same bag and theirs haven't done it but he stayed firm and said he wouldn't change it.

    I don't know what to do, I love the bag and there are no other bags on the Gucci site I like plus I don't want to have to pay extra. I don't know whether to just keep mine as it is not that bad but then it might get worse and I will have lost the chance to change it. Has anyone else's bag done this? What should I do? Is there any way I can make him give me another one? I am so stressing!!!
  2. One more thing, he said I could exchange for the Guccissima chain hobo but I would have to pay more. I am not really a label person as in I don't like obvious logos and thought the chain hobo in plain leather was really classy. I have never seen Guccissima leather IRL, is it nice? My mum thinks it is tacky, what do you think? Is it as nice as the plain leather or nicer? Does it scream logos? What is the chocolate colour like? Is it quite dark?
  3. omg! sorry this happened to you:sad:!
    if it's really a chemical reaction for all the black chain bags I would consider choosing another bag.
    maybe they have the chain bag in plain leather in other colours? or as you said the guccissima leather. I personally love the guccissima leather. it's more subtile than the canvas logos. but the most important thing is that you have to love it.
    I have an off-white (medium) chain hobo and I love it very much. if you look at this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/gucci-reference-library/pics-only-show-us-your-gucci-hobos-56796.html you'll find pics of the chocolate guccissima chain bag and pics of mine. maybe this will help?
    let us know what you decide.
  4. Thanks Leslie! Does the Chocolate Guccissima leather hold up if it gets wet in the rain? My black one has the sort of leather that nothing happens to if it gets wet but does the Guccissima leather mark?
  5. Also, how rich is the chocolate? In some pics it looks kind of red! How does it compare to the colour of Bottega Venetas ebano?
  6. well I know for my bag (off-white guccissima) has had its share of rain in this rainy country and the leather looks still like new, thank god:shame:
    but I think there are quite a few members here who have chocolate guccissima bags who can provide you with info.
  7. Also, my black chain hobo has a bit on the zipper end (not the zipper pull) that is gold metal and inscribed Gucci, I like this more than the leather tab at the end. Does the chocolate Guccissima come with this or the leather one?
  8. I'd exchange it for a Guccissima leather, the leather is beautiful. But I will condition my bag before rain season started, Gucci leather is not pretreated so I'd protect it w/ a spray or conditioner.

    All new bags come with the metal zipper end now, leather tab would be an older stock but not impossible to get.
  9. My Signoria Hobo in the rust color had a similar defect. After two weeks, I noticed the bag had some spots where the color was fading and the bag had a ashy look to it. I called the store and a SA told me he also noticed this on some of the Signoria bags. He told me to bring it in and they would condition it (I am nowhere near a store). I ended up conditioning it myself, which helped some but it started to look faded again. I went to the Gucci store when I was in Vegas just to see what the bag looked like brand new and sure enough the same bag on display had the same discoloration.

    I just sent my bag back to my SA in Orlando. I have never had an issue with any of my Gucci Bags. I really hope they can correct it. Good luck with your situation...

    Has anyone else with a rust Signoria encountered this issue?
  10. I heard from Gucci today and they are exchanging it for the chocolate Guccisima medium chain hobo for me! I should have it by the end of the week so will post piccies then! Also, will I need to treat it? My plain black leather one was fine if it got wet, is the Guccissima leather the same or does it stain?