oxfords anyone? please help me find these ones!!!

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  1. Hello fellow Tpfers!!!

    I have been looking for the perfect flat oxfords for almost three months now... Almost jumped on silver Maloles one on Bergdorf's but hesitated last minute due to lack of pizzazz!!!

    now , i think i might have found the right color for me but don't know where to buy them...

    Saw them on sea of shoes blog by awesome jane!!!

    Let me know if you find them...


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  2. Some more pics...

    They are Commes de garcons...

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  3. bumping for you, would be curious to know too. these are amazing!
  4. I emailed Jane on the Sea Of Shoes website, I'm just waiting for her to respond. From her posting of the shoes on the website I am hoping that she bought them recently.