Oxblood hobo?

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  1. What is up with the oxblood hobo? The color looks beautiful. I haven't ever seen it before.
    Does anyone have one or know anything about it? Is it a new color? I am not crazy about the bag, but I would love to see one in a MAM or Nikki! I don't think they exist though!
  2. who what when where? did you see this online? pic?
  3. Yes, at Delcina! Take a look and tell me what you think!
  4. i like the color! I think its pretty close to the wine, so you could order it in Nikki! Its already sold out at Delcina.
  5. Where do you think you could get it in Nikki? Is it new or an exclusive? I would love it in Nikki!!! I missed the boat on the wine ones.
  6. You can get the wine Nikki still thru RM. Email catalina or order it thru the site. its full price, no codes, thats the only downfall....

    i don't know where else the oxblood may be...
  7. It's been sold out for MONTHS! I don't know why Delcina keeps it up. Just to mess with us!
  8. Not a big fan of those hobos... Very similar to MA, no?
  9. I think it was really calle dthe MA hobo wasn't it?
  10. I love the MAB hobo, I wish it was still available.
  11. I had been after this bag for eons! apparently, Delcina had them in stock long ago and sold out of them. For some reason, they keep the picture up of this bag even though they removed the pictures of the same style in Royal Blue and Chocolate that sold out. I can't blame them though! I'd keep the picture up too! Its a GORGEOUS bag!
  12. It's a very pretty bag!
  13. So I was browsing around online stores in search of any new styles and found a cognac hobo that is still up at Bettina Duncan. I can't vouch for the store or availability, but if anyone is looking...
  14. It does look like the wine. I like the hobo MA. I tried a few times on greedbay, but no luck.