Oxblood bag suggestions?

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  1. Currently loving this color. Besides Mulberry, who else makes bags in this shade? Please post photos :smile: thank you!
  2. I consider oxblood to have brown & purple undertones.

    Have seen many "oxblood" bags, since runway 2012 & 13.
    Even among mulberry styles, find color varies with leather used.
    Most brands hedge towards burgundy or other, imo.

    So, guess my answer is that lots of companies have dark reddish bags.
    But believe few have true oxblood. So I selected mulberry.
    Also believe oxblood being nudged over, as current fashion moves towards wine/terra cotta tones.

    Maybe not as helpful as desired. Sorry.
  3. Givenchy, was last season, but still available I think :smile:

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  4. Food for thought - thank you for posting this. I have since realized the SC bag in the photo has more red than oxblood should. Thanks!
  5. Oooh now that is PRETTY. Thanks for sharing!
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  7. Never thought I'd say this (Coach!), but... New Coach 1941 Rogue in Oxblood is getting lots of attention- pics in the Coach forum (better than Coach website pics). New line- not your mother's Coach. Megs did a quick review on the Rogue right after the Spring 2016 shows.

    Another vote for Givenchy Pandora as well
  8. Hey... nice and not too pricey. Hmm :biggrin: a maybe on this one! Thanks Rocket!