Owww my thighs are KILLING me.....

  1. Arrrghhhh the pain!!!

    I've just started on a new health and exercise regime which includes several trips to the gym per week...and dang, the pain:crybaby:.

    Last night involved almost an hour of squats with weights as well as cardio, and I seriously am struggling to walk today!!!:wtf:

    Lol is anybody in a similar painful situation, or have you experienced extreme-post-gym-pain recently? Please share and make me feel better lol.
  2. Ouch, just reading that makes my legs and butt hurt :p Are you having trouble sitting on the toilet? I think that's the worst part of a taxing lower body workout. That and climbing any sort of stairs! Doing lunges weight weights on leg day always has me sore the next couple of days.

    Definitely wait until your body has recovered before doing any strenuous lower body workouts. Listen to your body and don't overdo it, you definitely don't want to injure yourself. You might want to take some ibuprofen for the pain and get your SO to give you a light massage :graucho: Gentle stretching should help, too.

    Hope you feel better!
  3. Thanks for the advice Cristina!!!:flowers: Argh - yes - stairs are the antichrist, I have to climb a LOT tomorrow at uni and I'm dreading it lol.:sad:

    Also, I've heard that drinking tons of water helps to flush the lactic acid out of your muscles and helps stop them aching....anyone heard anything about this???

  4. i went skiing saturday...ouch! i know your pain right now
  5. Me too. I workout regularly but recently bumped my routine up to twice a day on some days. I've also started to jog a little and wow! I'm amazed at how sore I am considering the fact that my body is used to working out....lol. This morning I was aching all over...I guess it's age...lol Oh well, I'm not stopping my workouts..that's for sure. I just rub Icy Hot or something similar on myself after bathing/showering and that helps. Also taking baths in Epsom Salts helps.
  6. :shame: I love that feeling.
    I hate it....but it feels so good at the same time!! You know you're doing something good!
    Hang in there!

  7. Yes my fitness trainer told me that I needed to drink lots of water within an hour of working out.
  8. WOW that sounds like a good workout!! it's been a long time since i;veworked out that hard.

    did you have a trainer or have the discipline to do all that on your own?!?!

    I am terrible at pushing myself to really work hard =P
  9. Yes, this is true. One of my very good friends is a personal trainer and she's always stressing this point to me and her clients!
  10. Also...whenever changing or increasing a work out....ease into it ;)

    If you're starting from nothing, start with a couple of sets with a low weight, just to get your body used to the idea that it's gonna be taxed in the next couple of days. After that, up it to 3 sets, then up the weight slowly. This also helps prevent injuries.
  11. My right arm is killing me...I just starting playing badminton again.
    Feel bette, lv_obssessed!
  12. I know the pain.. though not from recently. I used to run a lot and and increased the distance every 2 weeks or so. Usually id get sore at first but after I reached a long distance it hurt an extreme amount everyday for at least a month! I had such a hard time going up stairs. But think of it this way, I used to think, wow im hurting but i did such a hard work out i must look very incredibly fit. It gave me more confidence that I had had a good workout and was well on my way to having a fabulous figure. Hope that helps a bit mentally. =P

    Currently im only in slight pain. I did 3 sets of 10 "jump and reach" excercises yesterday. It not much exercise at all but since im so out of shape right now, even that little bit makes my legs sore.
  13. OUCH! I know how you feel, but after a few days of doing it, it wont hurt anymore b/c your body'll get used to it!:smile:
  14. ~

    Hahaha... I felt like that a few weeks ago, and also, after playing Tennis on the Wii from a long absence.. I couldn't move my right arm for a whole day..

    It will get better... Just remember.. Pain is your friend..

    Thats what i tell myself anyway....:p
  15. Awwwwww thaks for all the support ladies!!!!!:flowers:

    It's nice to know I'm definitely not the only person who feels like they've been hit by a truck.

    Well the good news is I'm not sore anymore...the bad news is I'm going back to do a killer one & a half hour class tonight.....arrrgghhhhhh why do I do this to myself?!

    AND I was silly enough to buy a gym membership so I have no excuse NOT to go lol!!!!:shrugs:

    I'll make sure I drink TONS of water this time:yes:, and I'll let you know how it goes and whether I can walk or not tomorrow:p.