Owning multiples - mad or mad genius?

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  1. I was admiring a TPFer's Valentino shoe collection of RS flip flops in varying colors, which made me think of the saying on Aquazzura shoe boxes: "If the shoes fit, buy them in every color". I know some of us are fans of buying bags in multiples, because they fit our lifestyle or we just love it b/c that design just does it for us, but some fellow bag lovers may not understand.

    To make the definition of a "multiple" simple, let's just say more than 2 of the same bag style. You can be flexible and say different sizes is considered a multiple (e.g. owning one of each Birkin size - 40, 35, 30) or keep it literal (e.g. owning 10 Birkin 35s in different leathers and colors). Either way, I've definitely browsed through some amazing collections of both types of multiples here. on TPF

    I have been partial to this mentality (started with shoes) since my collection includes multiple Givenchy Nightingales, Pandoras, Antigonas and a few lesser known designs from them. Maybe others can chime in to explain this phenomenon. Otherwise, I'd be interested to know:

    What bags have you owned multiples of in the past, currently own or intend to own more of in the future and why?
  2. Read the Hermes forum.:biggrin:
  3. I own multiples of several Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta bags. Sometimes it's due to colour, sometimes its different hardware, sometimes it's size. Certain years may have gorgeous leather so I want more than one from that season. BV has certain styles in yummy cervo (deerskin) so I have multiples of a particular style there. But the style itself has to work for me, obviously, and if I like a style a lot, multiples make sense to me. I've done that with clothing and shoes too.
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    FIVE Peekaboos, and they’re ALL black!

    Two regular with different hardware to wear with different clothes (one with internal monster eyes).
    The GHW has a slightly dressier vibe than the PHW and also I seem to use the GHW more in winter and the PHW more in summer.

    Two large: one calfskin with GHW, one Selleria with PHW.
    The large with GHW has (obviously) greater capacity when I need it than the regular with GHW, and in the large size also seems a little less formal and ladylike and a bit more rock chick (possibly I’m deluded if I think that transfers to me ;))
    The large Selleria is tough enough to push under the aeroplane seat in front without showing scratches.

    One embellished black mini for occasions when I want something pretty and don’t need a bigger bag.

    They’re all recent models mostly with the firmer construction and leather than they had once upon a time (the mini has turned-in seams and is softer, and Selleria leather is floppier but still tough). They are holding up really well with regular use over time, they’re all perfect.

    I like and own other bags too but for me the black Peekaboo is the Platonic ideal of a handbag and I am old enough to know I will never tire of the style so they will serve me till my dying day ... and then be passed on.

    Even I thought I was going mad by getting them all, but as time passes I realise that always having exactly the appropriate one to reach for is something I really appreciate, and rotating them helps me keep them in perfect shape.
  5. I don't currently have multiples as I have only just branched into bags from shoes, but I think owning multiples makes a lot of sense. I tend to match hardware on bags to jewellery/belts/details on shoes so can see owning the same bag in the same colour and type of leather with different hardware, for example.
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  6. I don’t own more than 2 of anything - small + large, or neutral + a colour in my case. I think if I had more than 2 or maybe 3, I’d still end up carrying the favourites most of the time and the rest wouldn’t see much daylight. It wouldn’t make sense for me.
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  7. Totally Mad Genius!!! I love buying multiples - bags, dresses, shoes.... If an items perfectly fits my style, has great quality and function well, why force myself to look elsewhere?

    I never have issues with wearing all of them because I keep my overall collection a manageable size for me. And, I carefully choose the color and size of each bag based on what I need to support my wardrobe.

    My bag multiples:

    4 Chanel classic flaps
    Red lamb SF jumbo w/shw 80EAF773-78BD-4FA7-AAF8-7DC1C59A3776.jpeg Dark grey lamb SF jumbo w/ shw & ‘07 bijoux chain AC15D9A3-FA90-41AF-949D-21E43B3CBCD3.jpeg Pearl grey lamb M/L w/rhw 393D102A-4748-43A9-929A-297C070B2627.jpeg Ivory glazed calf SF soft jumbo w/ shw & ‘08 bijoux chain 6391D983-835D-4818-BD32-837A9C3CC27F.jpeg
    3 Dior Dioramas
    Silver Microcannage A203A905-FAE6-4A15-8534-5258C9A73A29.jpeg Limited Edition cream and gold 34340087-E798-46E8-860A-02390859E711.jpeg Ultra Black WOC AFDAD0B0-5E2F-4BF4-9789-27C90E549E7D.jpeg
    3 Dior Miss Dior’s
    Hot Pink, Yellow & Blu Persan: all lamb w/shw 9DA1F691-D46C-4746-9C62-AC2E64A558C9.jpeg
    I also had a two Prada Double Zip Totes. I kept the pink and sold the red. And, I had two lovely Proenza Schouler Small Couriers (black and silver) I but, sold them both this year.

    The Prada DZT is so super practical that I’m very tempted to find one in navy w/shw. I absolutely will get one more Chanel flap in the next year or so as I need to replace the black patent I sold with a black caviar or lamb. After that, I’m very likely done with C flaps unless I can find a metallic green M/L (kicking myself for not buying when they were in store). And, I will surely get another Diorama in the next few years because I ADORE them. It just depends on when another comes out that makes me squeal. :yahoo:
  8. I always say that I only have three bags:
    1. Balenciaga moto
    2. BV Veneta
    3. Ferragamo sofia

    I have those in different sizes and colours. 4 venetas so far, incl. 2 in medium. 8 Bal moto bag, incl. 3 small city and 3 sofia bag (all different sizes). I have other bags from other brands or other type from those 3 brands but I dont use them that much.

    And almost all my shoes are Ferragamo bowed shoes, with different heel heights from varina to carla. My fave ones are my 8 varas.

    I might be boring. But for me, it's sticking with what I know works for me, although sometimes I feel the need for variety, hahahahaha
  9. Great versatility within those choices!
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  10. I did this with the Marc Jacobs Natasha and the Kate Spade Gold Coast line.
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  11. That’s what I thought until the Peekaboos appeared on my radar! And I relate to what you say, it’s undoubtedly true of other things I’ve bought. Like a black dress I wear all the time so I think I’ll get it in green and in white too. But I’ll only ever wear my favourite, the black. Then the green and white ones end up resold at a loss.

    But I’m really enjoying my multiple Peekaboos. It’s ideal for me having them.

    I had to learn to be strict with myself not to apply the principle to everything I own and distinguish between when it would be mad genius and when it would just be mad!
  12. I think there are two type of rationale for the buying multiples bug. One is the collector’s mentality, which seeks small variations, different leathers, colors, years, special editions... within a given theme. The other is more of a practical approach, if it fits/suits my life style/gives me joy, repeat. This is often associated to the search of a style uniform. Sometimes it is a combination of the two. But conceptually, these aare diametrically opposed approaches. The first seeks variety, the second, uniformity.

    I am more of the second one. One way to establish this is whether you buy multiples of clothes (all clothes, not the special ‘collectible’ ones like Chanel Balmain jackets or Hermes carres) Nowhere is the multiple-buying thing more practical than with clothes (the same white tee ten times, the same tried and tested knit, thrice the same coat, always the same pijamas, and knickers and bras). If something works it makes sense to me to stick to it and multiply.
  13. I just cannot do it. I can buy two of a very similar style, but not two of the same exact bag. I can buy multiples of others things, though, like pants/shoes/sweaters. Likely b/c those are lower price points. 5K, or 3K, or even 1K two times over for the same bag I just can't do it. But when I see someone with 7 or 8 Chanel minis in various colors - it's drool-worthy!
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  14. I'm borderline between, I have multiples of multiples and sometimes I just want a single example and am done.

    Multiples: I am only limited in numbers by space. These are my signature, go-to bags.
    Gucci Bamboo Top-handles x3 (and 2 are both Large and grey). I'd be happy with one in every colour, size, skin and leather ever made.
    Hermes Bolide x 3 (2 x 35cm) and would happily buy happily more
    Hermes Plumes in different sizes

    Singularly unique (and not including bags I've inherited)
    Hermes Black Box clutch. Mine is a 25cm 1938 (name not date) no hardware so perfect with rose, yellow or white gold or even silver and perfect.
    Chanel quilted backpack. I'm glad I have it but one is enough.
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  15. I love this thought! Made me realise that while I seek uniformity with clothes, I love variety with bags to fill different needs. This is my only multiple, the speedy.

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