Owning more than one wallet... worth it ?

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  1. Hey beautiful people :heart:,

    Some of the new vernis colors are really reaching out to me. I wanted to get a sarah wallet in pop possibly. I currently own an amarante Vernis wallet. It is still in perfect condition, and im inlove with it. Do you think its worth it getting another one? Would it be a hassle (having to transfer everything each time I switch between the two)?:Push:

    What do you think?:shrugs:
  2. I suppose it depends on how much stuff you carry in your wallet. I carry around 3 maybe 4 cards so changing over wouldn't be that much trouble.

    I do think that there are some gorgeous wallets at the minute and I would be tempted to buy more than one!
  3. I was thinking about this again also, I have decided to keep my accessories mono so that everything matches and I won't go crazy and buy one of everything just because its a different colour, I have a tendency of doing this with things! :nuts:lol .. Not good for my bank account!:nogood:
  4. I think it would be ok if you use one for spring /summer and one for winter/fall.
  5. I am asking myself the same question now...Maybe it makes more sense to have two wallets of different sizes, for example, I have a very big one and could possibly need a smaller one in case I am wearing a smaller bag.
  6. That's a though decision. I have the same wallet in two different types of canvas and use them as fall/winter and spring/summer wallet. Owning more then 2 wallets is a big hassle in my opinion.
  7. Oh i have to....l have OCD with the matchy thing.....l dont think its to much trouble, l find it stops me spending...if i forget a card lol xxx
  8. I have two wallets... one big to accommodate everything I need, which fits into the bigger bags/purses, and a smaller one for when I'm carrying smaller bags/purses
  9. If it makes you happy ~ then it's definitely worth it!
  10. to limit myself in purchases, i only keep one big wallet and one small wallet (mono eugenie and amarante zippy coin). i carry a lot in my wallet, so it's too much of a pain for me to switch it up. i know a lot of people have multiple wallets, so do what makes u happy!
  11. it depends what kind of user you are i guess. i don't like to change my stuff so i buy one and use it till it spoils. but if you are those who likes to keep changing style, then you should go ahead and get it, within your means of course.

    but if you don't absolutely NEED it, get something else you need !!! :smile: and i mean another LV. heeee..
  12. It depends on how much stuff you carry in your wallet but in reality, at the most, it will take you less than 5 minutes to move stuff from wallet to wallet. I think it's fun to switch wallets, accessories, and purses on a daily or every other day basis! LOL!

    I have one friend that will take months to switch out her wallets and purses because she claims that she doesn't have the time but it only takes a few minutes!!!
  13. I definitely think it's worth it... plus it's always good to mix it up with such popping colors. :tup:
  14. I like to mix it up, so I'm all for having more than one wallet.
    I have different sizes for different sized handbags. Personally, I don't find a need to buy one wallet in two (or more colors), though.
  15. Nothing wrong with having more than one wallet. I don't feel a need to match and Vernis is a perfect pop of color no matter what bag I carry. I have the Zippy in Pomme and am waiting for the new Vernis colors in the Zippy Coin Purse so I can have a smaller wallet. Since you have a wallet in Amarante, a wallet in the new Vernis colors is a great idea to have a lighter brighter color.