Owning LV and other handbags

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  1. So now that I have a LV bag and am looking at a second, I find myself not wanting to carry my other bags. They are mostly Coach, some Kate Spade, and Dooneys and I would switch them out to match what I was wearing that day. I have about 16 of them and they are all in great shape.... which makes me feel like I've wasted quite a lot of money... money that could have gone toward a few nicer bags!! Has any one else experienced this?
  2. A lot of people seem to have had a similar experience. It's easy to "graduate" from contemporary brands to luxury brands. And even in the upper-level of the market, people's taste continue to evolve. For example, you will read about members moving on from Louis Vuitton or Gucci to more expensive brands like Chanel and Hermès. Some of us continue to use all bags, others make a clean transition and don't look back. It's very subjective.
  3. That's what I'm afraid of... That I won't wear them any longer and they'll just sit in my closet taking up space. I love all of the versatility and different colors. And they are good quality bags... But just not desirable to me now. I'm wondering if others find that in time their feelings change and they wear them again. If not I need to sell them and/or give them away to my daughters.
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  5. Yes! I’m in the same boat. I own several Coach bags and a few Tory Burch, but since dipping into LV and other luxury brands I haven’t used them as often as I once did. I’m in the process of selling most of them just because I see it as a total waste of space and someone else could be loving them!
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  7. I still wear all of my bags. As a matter of fact, I just purchased another Coach bag this week.

    You could hold onto your other handbags for awhile, see how you feel and if after a certain amount of time you really haven't wanted to wear them, give them away or sell them. You might want to wait a fair amount of time though, because right now the LV is NEW and EXCITING, so your other bags probably seem old and meh. But after awhile when the newness wears off, you may find yourself reaching for an old favorite Coach bag and remembering why you used to love it so much.

    Or not. lol.

    I don't think one way or the other is better. Just figure out what is going to work for you.

    I like variety now. I used to get one or two purses and carry them until they died. Now, I like being able to choose from a variety of brands and styles.

    Other people wear exclusively one brand or only luxury level designers. That is okay, too.

    They are just handbags. Wear the ones that make you happy.
  8. I started with Dooney and Coach. I've since sold the few Dooney bags I had, but still have quite a bit of Coach. Now that I have three LV bags, those are my daily "go to" bags and I use the Coach bags less frequently. I do still love my Coach bags, though! They're leather and don't have a lot of recognizable logos on them, so pretty understated and timeless. I definitely plan to continue carrying them for years to come.
  9. I'd love to hear everyone's experience!
  10. I use my Chanel and LV every day. My Hermes b30 sits on a shelf unused after I got a tiny scuff on a corner a few years back. So now I am afraid to take it out as I wanted to keep it in new condition. I wish I had not bought it, to be frank.
    It is beautiful but way too much money to be basically a decoration.
    I keep 2 purses that were under “less expensive “ (a black leather tote that can carry a lot and an older speedy 25) for situations where I would not feel comfortable with them or where my nicer ones could be damaged. I don’t have any coach or mk purses but I could see where having one might come in handy from time to time. Coach has some cute leather purses!
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  11. I was heavily into LV about 10 years ago and had a large collection. I absolutely wouldn't carry anything else. Then, for some reason, MK then Dooney then Coach caught my eyes. I sold all my LV (big mistake). I have moved on from Dooney and MK but I still love and buy Coach bags. However, I've recently gotten back into LV. The difference is this time, I'm enjoying carrying both brands..;)
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  12. I still use & love certain contemporary and little known brands... my old RM MAM, old defunct Belen Echandia, TB and a couple older coach bags I can’t give up. My current work tote is a barely known brand. Most of my contemporary bags are still very useful & if not - away they go. I did just drop a big bag of bags in the good will bin today - none of which were LV or luxury branded. I won’t restrict myself to one brand or one price point. What’s the fun of that?
  13. I purchased my first LV about 6 months ago as part of a conscious decision to downsize my collection. I decided that the way to go for me, personally, was to have a few great, versatile pieces instead of a whole collection. Prior to that, I had about 15 bags, mostly Coach and Michael Kors. Ever since I had my daughter almost 3 years ago, I can't really be bothered to change out my bag. I was using my work bag - a wine-colored MK north-south tote - for just about everything. I figured if I'm really only going to use one bag regularly, why not make it a really fabulous one? So I started a search for my ideal everyday bag among the luxury brands. I ended up settling on the Jersey and I've loved using it just about every day since.

    I also realized that part of the reason I wasn't using my full collection was that I tend to buy clothing in bold colors and patterns. "Fun" bags are difficult to coordinate with a colorful wardrobe unless you want to change out your bag every day, which I don't.

    I'm keeping about 5 other bags, ones that are especially useful in situations when I don't want to carry my Jersey or are better suited to spring/summer. I'm still working on rehoming the bags that didn't make the cut - I got a rude awakening about the lack of a secondary market for contemporary brands. These bags are just taking up space at this point as I haven't used any of them in years, so I may as well just donate them.

    I doubt I'll go down the LV rabbit hole and buy more bags. The Jersey suits my needs and lifestyle perfectly and has brought me as much joy as one can get from an object. I do want a few of the SLGs to use with her, though. :smile:
  14. I feel it would be nice to downsize too... However, in addition to loving the variety of colors and quality of Coach and others, I also didn't want one or two bags to wear too quickly and look less than pristine. I baby my Graceful, but would feel better if I added a few more. I had a feeling that the resale market for all of these is probably ridiculous....I think I'll go the route of hanging on to them for awhile, but will keep a few favorites and give the others to my daughters. I'm sure they will be ecstatic to receive these.