Owning a certain style of bag / buying pre owned makes you "BASIC"?

Does owning a certain style of bag / buying pre owned make you BASIC?

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Jun 17, 2015
Ok so there is this girl Alex aka HRH Collection on Youtube. I'm subscribed to her even though I really don't like her as a person, I really don't know why I'm subscribed to her. I guess just because I like to see her new bag purchases as I follow a lot of Youtube accounts with similar videos / content.

To get to the point, Alex basically went on this huge rant about how Hermes Birkins are basic and only followers buy them. Alex contradicts herself by basically stating the only reason she thinks they're basic is because she can't get one from the actual Hermes store. Alex said she refuses to beg at the store for a Birkin, and that she refuses to spend a ton of money at Hermes just to get in the good graces of a SA. Alex also went on to say buying a Birkin pre owned makes you tacky and lame and vented on and on about how you'll never be in the club LOL like what? I remember she also made a video awhile ago saying how the Givenchy Antigona was basic (Even though she bought one) but, my thing is she owns multiple Chanel bags, a ,Celine luggage tote Balenciaga city, and a lot of other popular bags which tons of men and women also own. So basically any bag she doesent own is considered basic? Thats a pretty idiotic and skewed point of view in my opinion.

Sorry for making this post so long but, I just find it rude how she insulted a very large majority of buyers. If someone likes a bag at the end of the day, it is their money to choose how they wish to spend it. I personally myself buy bags from the actual store, or pre owned mainly if I want a certain style that is no longer made or in season. Or if I see a really good deal on something in amazing condition that retails for less than the actual boutique or department store because, at the end of the day if you can save money on something why not?

Heres a link to the video

Hermes Birkin Basic

Givenchy Antigona whats in my bag

What are your thoughts on this I would love to hear everyones opinions xoxo.


Feb 4, 2010
You know what's funny??? Like two days after she posted this video she snap chatted pictures of Hermes swatches [emoji23] guess she joined the Hermes club.


Sep 3, 2013
I always find it amusing when something gets labeled basic because people go out of their way to get something not "basic," which then becomes basic because everyone's getting it. I figure the only way to be an individual is buying what I love whether it be basic or something one of a kind.
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Aug 15, 2014
When saw freeze frame, with b!tchy finger up & judging world--
Don't need to watch her videos.:lol:

agree about current birkin bandwagon insanity.:rolleyes:
Baffles me.
Find no need to fawn & grovel at hermes stores to be offered these bags.
I respond, "The bulky tote? With those 2 flapping straps to close it? No thanks. Not my thing."
And am content.

At end of day, squashing oneself to fit some instagram/blogger/twitter/advert fashion nonsense--why?
Close browser window.
Go outside.
And BE the real you. Rather than watching freaks vent gibberish on youtube.:rochard:


Jan 20, 2012
Just watched the first video. I thought she was hilarious. Reminded me a little of Amy Schumer. She was like a caricature.

I understand her point about the birkins. A little sad that she seems so concerned about "being in the club", but then I saw the whole thing as a comedy sketch of a character, not a real person.

OK, just watched the second video. The ADD inserts are pretty funny. She should totally be spoofed on SNL.