Owners of white Suhali...how's the leather holding up?

  1. I was wondering if any of you have noticed your white Suhali pieces (more specifically pieces that are worn on the shoulder or are handled a lot, like wallets) have yellowed? Has the leather turned a darker colour because of handling? What about the smooth leather, is it prone to scratches/dirt marks?

    Any other tips/comments about white Suhali leather will be appreciated!
  2. My sister has l'aimable and the zippy wallet in white suhali, the color hasn't changed. She got the aimable and the wallet 2 years ago.
  3. Hmmm...good question, Karman. Good to hear that white Suhali isn't yellowing at the two-year mark. I wonder if anyone else has white Suhali longer than 2 years?
  4. ya, I'd like to know too
  5. Very good to know...
  6. I have two white suhali bags ...one for 4 years and the other for just over a year and I have no issues with yellowing etc ....I don't baby the lockit at all and wear it on my shoulder/hand-held and it stills looks like new:tup:
  7. ^ Good to hear! Have you gotten any marks on the goat leather?? My main concern is getting marks on the leather and not being able to clean it! :sad:
  8. No..no marks on them at all .. white suhali is fantastic:heart:
  9. Good to hear!! Maybe I'll get the white Le Precieux instead of black then...