Owners of white, off-white bags

  1. Okay, I've had my sights on a camel Gallery tote or similar colored Hamptons Carry-all or book tote. I went to the boutique the other day and unexpectedly fell in love with the parchment colored Hamptons bags!

    My question...how hard is it to keep clean? With the Hamptons being pebbled leather, does it make it any more difficult to keep clean?

    I think it would make a great spring/summer bag! (With it not being a bright white maybe I could use it longer.) Problem is I still want my camel Gallery tote!! I'm going to the outlet tomorrow to look at the Gallery tote so I need to figure out what I'm going to do soon! My mind says Gallery-- my heart is going for the Hamptons. HELP!!
  2. I have a parchment colored Carly and a white/black zoe clutch. I protected them both with Lovin' My Bags protectant (Lovin my Bags) and haven't had any issues. Now, I do baby these bags b/c I'm paranoid that something will get on them, but I've used the Carly at work and haven't had issues (I do bring the dustbag with it and store it in that instead of on my desk though). I also rotate my bags, so I think that helps keep them from getting dirty too.

    I don't know if pebbled leather would make it more or less difficult to keep clean. I do know that with the Carly leather and the pebbled, I was told not to use Coach moisturizer or cleaner.
  3. I recently got a white (and I mean WHITE) cute Hamptons Leather Satchel at the outlet. I've carried it for the last few days. I can use the Coach moisturizer and cleaner on this one, so I think it will be ok. But, willowsmom, I'm going to look into the protectant you suggested

    I have a light blue pebbled leather Hamptons multi-function carryall and I have found the pebbled leather easy to clean. :smile:

    On another note, in regards to protecting our purses, I love the idea of just bringing the dustbag with you! I have a "purse hanger" that I use regularly. So, if we are out somewhere, I just hang my purse on the end/under the table so it doesn't touch the ground. However, with a larger/heavier purse that wouldn't work, and some places aren't conducive to using it. The dustbag is a great alternative for me! Thanks!
  4. I used to own an old legacy pocket hobo (before the 'new' legacy came out) and returned it because I saw someone with the bag that was YELLOW. I think this is the only leather with that issue though.
  5. pretty bag. I saw a similar one at the outlet (I got the dark brown) and could see it yellowing potentially. Also, the SA said it would pick up blue if it brushed against your jeans a lot. That made me get the dark brown for sure!
  6. ^^ I know, I wanted the dark brown, but they only had the white. when I returned it they thought I was crazy until I told them I saw a yellow one. then they understood :biggrin:

    also, I used to have a white hamptons hobo (the ones from last year) and it wiped clean super easy with a baby wipe.
  7. Thanks for the replies! I'm really wanting that parchment Hamptons now! I just wish they'd be at the outlets already!!

    upswife...where did you get your "purse hanger?" That is something I would really like to look into because I hate sitting my handbags on the floor and I don't like to hang them on the back of my chair for fear of someone coming along and swipping it!
  8. eBay of course! Here is a link to the seller I bought from: http://stores.ebay.com/Sandstone-Design I think her name is Sandy, she was nice and a fast shipper.
  9. Thanks for the link. Those are beautiful!! :heart:
  10. I got a white bag in April and after using it a lot it is still perfectly white :biggrin:
  11. Thanks Eli! I just picked up my first Coach (tote and wristlet) today and it's white. I managed to post a small pic of it on the thread. I'll try to post it here too....


    Thanks for everyone's help!
  12. Hey I just wanted to revive this thread to say that I own the off white pebbled leather book tote and I figured out how to clean it: apple guard.

    I was a little timid at first using anything on it because they said it would destroy the pebble but it didn't.

    It does void the warranty, but I feel like a clean bag is a bag I will actually use.

    I have one warning though, don't use a lot. Put the apple guard onto a cloth in a very small quantity and rub at the spots that are dirty very gently. It comes right off and the pebble is fine. I have one corner where the wear was already getting to the pebble and I put a little cleaner on it and it made it worse. Everywhere else it worked fine. I'm probably going to try some polish on that corner.

    I didn't use the conditioner because I was afraid to.

    I did a spot test on the bottom of the bag before I tried it, so if you're worried about trying this I'd recommend doing that.