owners of white mc agenda

  1. Just wondering from you guys that have one, does it get dirty fast? Would you not recommend it? thanks
  2. I have a white MC agenda that I use as a wallet everyday. I bought it last June and have not put her away yet. She has a nice medium patina on the outside, the inside still looks brand new and there is no rub off of the MC. I usually just wipe it down with a cloth or a baby wipe every now and then and that's it.
  3. I have the black and just wanted to tell you about the vachetta on it. Because my agenda sits facing up on desks etc. the vachetta on the front is darker than the back it's only slight and it won't photograph but you can see a difference in person. I'm sure other can't but I can.

    Just wanted to let you know in case this is something that may bother you
  4. my white agenda is ALWAYS in the dustbag because i'm too afraid of dirt and pen marks and stuff..
    so can't really help you!
  5. I would most def recommend it! It's so classy and fresh!
    I have it for two weeks and i put in my bag. Just be careful you don't put loose pens or keys in your bag. It would be just fine.
  6. I use the large white MC agenda (in avatar pic) as my work agenda and it is still nice and white.
    I do carry it in the dustbag though when I walk to work so it isn't getting bounced around with my water bottle, lunch etc in my bag.
  7. <---i would love to own this agenda!