Owners of Vision Wallets (Agendas)

  1. I've seen these wallets/agendas in different threads but I would like to have them all in one thread where we get to see the different colors/leathers and how they r being used.. Please post pics :flowers:
  2. Here is mine.
  3. Thanx nathansgirl1908! The color is beautiful!!! It's turquoise in what leather?
  4. btw, is the one that has a zipper all the way around also called a vision?
  5. I think it is called the Vision Zip Agenda. Funnyredhead has a Vision II Zip Agenda/wallet


    I don't know what the difference is between the Vision and Vision II? I am assuming the Vision II is a little larger but I could be wrong.
  6. I could be totally wrong but I've noticed there are 3 penloops on the outside of the Vision IIs, but not on the Vision...

    Also the Vision are more "vertical" than the Globe-trotters. Both of them exist in zip versions.
  7. Thanx dianagrace and boudoir for the info and link!