Owners of Victoria 35 walk this way please

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  1. I need a new everyday bag. My bag also needs to be suitable for flying and I don't really want to splash out a fortune for an everyday bag. I also want a bag that is under the radar. So the Victoria 35 may fit the bill.

    For those of you who have bought it, will you be kind enough to tell what you like/dislike after using it?

    Does it get very slouchy? I have only seen her "stuffed" for display. Is she comfortable as a shoulder bag. I am 5 foot 4 and petite, so without a heavy coat a may get away with her as a shoulder bag?

    Really look forward to your experiences.
  2. I can't wait to see the responses to this thread, I've admired the Victoria for awhile and thought it would be a great everyday bag! :flowers:
  3. I have a prune victoria 35 and I love it!!! It's my everyday bag. It's very easy to use and I can wear it on my shoulder even with a coat!!!
    For info I'm 5.3 ;)
  4. Thank you Lilou. Has the bag worn well and how long have you had it? Sorry if I sound like an inspector ;)
  5. I would like to know as well. Does it get very heavy?
  6. Ooh, good thread! I've been thinking of getting a Victoria and need others to enable/dissuade :lol:
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    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    I have had my 35 Victoria Gold Clemence for over 18months now and I have used it as my everyday, grab and go bag. I do put it on my shoulder the odd time (I am 5'9") but only when it's not been too full. It can hold absolutely loads and it's great for travel, very secure - 3 inside pockets - and 2 zips.

    It can look a bit squishy when there's not much in it, because TC is a very soft leather, but the "frame" of the bag hasn't gone, you can still see the rectangular shape and it has a good solid base. I haven't been as careful with the Victoria, I admit I've thrown it into the back of the car more than a few times (it also fits nicely into the gym locker)! The only signs of wear and tear, is on the corners where it is scuffed a little, but then this has happened to my Birkin too and I am careful with her :shucks:

    I love it as an everyday bag and I think it is under the radar, even though it comes with lock and clochette - you can always take them off! There are some beautiful colours to choose from too!
    Happy shopping;)
  8. I had the 35cm Victoria in etoupe. It is a beautiful, classic, versitile bag and a great everyday bag. It is not paricularly heavy and fits easily over the shoulder. I recently saw a friend with one that had become very slouchy and a bit collapsed from front to back. One thing you want to be certain about though, is whether you really want a Hermes bag that is "under the radar". This is a bag that very few recognize as Hermes, even though it does come with keys and clochette. Good Luck, it is a great bag!
  9. I have a 35cm Victoria and I love it!!!
    I have been using it everyday for the last 3 months. It was made in clemence so it slouches. I am also 5'4 and it can fit onto my shoulders. HTH.
  10. I have a Victoria in Etoupe too~

    It does slouch a bit.. but it still looks fab.~ I dont stuff it as much.. cos I think it looks better that way~ overall, it's a good, versatile bag.. nice for everyday use as well~

    I really do love it, but my only complaint will be.. the zippers make it a bit difficult to open and get things.. so I usually leave one side open .. but other than that.. no complaints at all ! :smile:
  11. I have a Victoria and I LOVE IT! It is one of my favorite bags from H, really under the radar but still of such lovely smooshy quality.

    I rotate it and my Birkin for everyday use, and I find that it slouches quite a lot (have had it for slightly less than a year), but that's the way I like it. I love that it holds a lot of my junk when I travel, but I do find that if I load it up too much it does get very heavy after a while (since it's clemence anyway).

    It is a true shoulder bag for me, but with a thick coat the bag kept slipping off my shoulder so I opted to carry it on my arm. I find that the most comfortable way of carrying it is to push it towards the back, instead of tucked underneath the arm, because the base is fairly broad.

    You definitely can't go wrong with the Victoria :P
  12. Another Victoria fan here. I use it both for work and travel.

    Im 5'2 and i don't find the Victoria heavy at all.. probably because it is lined with the Herringbone material that H dustbags are made of.

    I normally carry this bag on the arm as i find that it slides off my shoulder when i have a thick coat on. HTH!
  13. I have a gold Victoria which I mainly use for travel: it holds a lot, it's not heavy and I can easily sling it over my shoulder if I need to (I'm 5'7). I find it very slouchy, but it's a plus for me.....I think it's both a great travel bag and grab and go bag, and when you want something under the radar! Great bag!!!
  14. have victoria in black. i love it and have had it for a couple of years. it still looks perfect but i don't use it every day. it is lighter that my other h bags but clemence isn't light. it isn't lined with leather so that helps make it lighter than other h bags. i like the zippers and also usually keep one side zipped and one side open. i never use the clochette but do use a cadena and love it. it is totally under the radar and that is a big plus for me. it goes over my shoulder even with a heavy coat. holds a ton and i think looks great.
  15. yes it seems to break in beautifuly but I only have it since 2 weeks ;)