Owners of trouville and mono speedies

  1. Did all parts of the vachetta patina equally at the same rate? For example, did the leather handles patina in the same exact color as the other leather sewn on the canvas?
  2. My piping on the Trouville is still a little lighter than the rest.
  3. In mine it takes the piping longer to go than the handles and tabs and stuff...so no, I don't think they patina evenly on the handled bags like that...
  4. ditto for me!:flowers:
  5. My mom's vintage Speedy patina-ed differently. The handles are darker and the tabs that attach the handles to the bag are a lot lighter. They're a darker honey color.
  6. Nope.

    The handles will usually turn darker first (because of handling etc.)...
  7. Myh andles are slightly darker than the rest. And the front part where LOUIS VUITTON is printed has a few watermarks.... *Cries*
  8. mine too:yes:
  9. I think it depends a bit on body contact.
  10. my handles are actually the lightest part, the tab with the LV print is the darkest...