Owners of Trotter Romantique Zipped Pochette

  1. hey guys hello from australia.....

    I have my eye on this wonderful bag from eluxury:


    I like it in beige.

    Does anyone own this and if so, how does it do for size? According the the mannequin shots on eluxury where the bag is on the shoulder, it looks like a pretty decent sized bag. What can you fit into it? Would it fit a wallet, keys, lipgloss, mobile phone, sunglasses plus a few other small items without looking bulky?? Can anyone clarify???

  2. i have the same bag. it would fit all those w/out problems.
  3. i took some pics for u. i have my wallet, cell phone, car and home keys, nintendo ds, small makeup case in the bag and it's still roomy.
    DSC00625.jpg DSC00626.jpg DSC00627.jpg
  4. You have such a pretty bag! :heart: J'adoooooooore!!! :nuts:
  5. oh you're a champion sadhunni!!! thanks so much for the pics!
  6. I have a pink Dior pochette from years ago. It should fit all of your items perfectly.
  7. Hey does anyone know which season the grey/white version of this bag is from? I saw it in the Dior boutique in Sydney (as well as a pink/white one) - and I am trying to find an online picture of a grey/white one both via Google and this forum and I cant find it anywhere..I thought maybe if I search by season I might come up with something..

    p.s. the collection I am talking about is attached, but I'm looking for a pic of the zipped trotter which isnt in the pic
  8. its this season collection, they`re the newest trotters ( and they`re gorgeous ! ):yahoo: maybe thats the reson why there arent many pics of them yet ...
  9. Yeah the grey and white one came in about three weeks ago. The SA at the Rocks store showed me the collection before they even had the chance to put it out. I ended up picking the beige heart flap instead of the grey because of the white leather handles.