Owners of the speedy inclusion key ring

  1. Do any of you use the speedy inclusion key ring? It seems most use it as a bag charm. Just curious.
  2. i have the berry one and use it on my damier speedy :smile:
  3. I have the clear (white), I use it only as a charm....I use my cles as a keyring.
  4. Yes, I have the berry one on my mono speedy, and it looks great! It's too pretty to hide.
  5. how do you use them as a charm?
  6. I have the black inclusion speedy cles...I use it as a charm on my Azur Speedy 30
    inclusionspeedy2.jpg inclusionspeedy.jpg
  7. Never enough, I love the black on the azur. Pretty.:yes:
  8. Ive been wanting one and I can't FIND one!!!
  9. I have a white one & use it as a charm[​IMG]
  10. I attached mother lock with my bag but keep the little key home. I just only think that I should hold it with my bag.
  11. Here's mine:
  12. Thank you...;) Its one of those objects that really isn't necessary..but adds to the flare.

    If you are unable to find one...try eBay...that is were I purchased this one..and paid 50% less than retail (it was pre-owned)...
  13. I have the inclusion keyring also I have the astropil which is great with the light I use the inclusion as a bag charm & the astropil as a keyring
  14. I was going to keep the black mulitcolore astropil & decided to sell it, big mistake, dishonest buyer did a chargeback so I lost money & keyring:sad:

  15. i love the color of the berry with the mono! :love: :heart: :love: