Owners of the multi stone/rainbow love bangle

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  1. Hi, can owners of this bangle please chip in!

    Is your multi stone / rainbow bangle thinner than your YG or WG love bangle? I have just seen a stunning rainbow YG one I am contemplating!

  2. Hi SJ :smile: the rainbow is the same width and depth as the diamond version. Hope this help.

    (the YG is very rare. Mine was YG and I had to special order it from Cartier with a 30% up charge as it's currently only produced in WG and PG)

    good luck!!!
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  3. Thanks LTL!! Do you know if the diamond version is the same width as the regular love bangle. The markings look right, just that the multi stone is a tiny bit thinner than my WG one.
    If anyone can chip in that would be fantastic!
  4. I don't have both to compare so hopefully someone who owns the plain and diamond or rainbow version can provide input. I think I remember reading somewhere that the diamond version was a bit thicker to allow for the stone settings. (but I can't remember where I read that........sorry!)
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  5. Thanks LTL, your input has been valuable!
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  6. Hi SJ, I have all three~~4 diamond , rainbow & plain. All pink gold. They are similar width & depth .
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  7. I'm in Australia and just wanted to ask so even though on the website it shows just WG and RG to be available in rainbow gems, if I ring I could special order it in YG? Thanks
  8. I did my special order thru the boutique. They submitted my request, it was approved with the price. I had to pay in advance and was quoted 12 weeks. It arrived a bit early, around 9 weeks. Hope this helps!
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  9. Yes that helps thank you for replying
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  10. Thanks Mad for Chanel!

    Just to update it is being checked with Cartier and so it should be fine, looking at it again, it is a tiny bit smaller not much. Thanks for everyone's input!!