Owners of the Amarante Summit Drive... or any color...

  1. What do you wear it with? Do you consider the Amarante a fall color, or year-round?

    I think the Summit Drive is my favorite vernis shape and I'm thinking about getting one for my birthday in March. What can you wear it with??? Formal, casual clothing?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. It goes with everything and yes - Year round!
  3. I have the amarante Summit Drive and I consider it a year-round bag. I've been able to wear it with both casual and slightly formal (not black tie, lol) wear. It really is a versatile bag. It'll be a great birthday present for yourself!!
  4. I have the roxbury in amarante vernis and consider it year round..the vachetta lightens it up!
  5. get it it's one of my favourite bag :drool:. definitely year round and great for both casual and semi/work-formal. post pics when u have it :biggrin: