owners of speedy 30 AND papillon 30..which do u love/use more?

  1. Hello,

    I need help in deciding which of the 2 to get in the damier :sos:. I'm curious which of the 2 bags do you use more and why?

    Is one way more roomier than the other? I'd like the option of throwing a diaper in the bag...which my head tells me "go speedy" but i really like the shape of the papillon too. I really can't make up my mind..With the price increase, I'm thinking to get it now rather than later (would love to buy both but can't :sad:afford it.)


    For reference, I have the mini looping and last week just got the batignolles horizontal.

    Thanks so much
  2. You'll fit a lot more in a speedy 30.
    The pap 30 you will be able to use as a shoulder bag unlike the speedy 30.

    Otherwise I see it more as personal choice and where you want a shoulder or handbag.
  3. I have both and weirdly enough, I use my Speedy more although I am generally a shoulder-bag person. I'm not sure why!
  4. I use my speedy 30 heaps more. I rarely use my papillon 30 because I carry so much stuff and the shape makes it awkward to get certain items inside like my planner. The papillon is a fabulous bag if you do not carry too much.
  5. i use the speedy 30 a lot more! it's easier to open, and it fits a lot more than the pap
  6. I have both and love both. The speedy is definately waaaay bigger. I can fit ALOT in that bag and then a diaper and wipes case. The papillon 30 is a great bag too though but I use it more for going out or when I don't need anything of the kids in there. As a side note my son's favorite bag that I own is the Damier pap...it is a great looking bag.
  7. i have damier speedy and mono pap 30, i use my speedy more cos its roomy.

    i hardly use my pap and when i do i normally use it as a hand held. i'm more careful too cos of the untreated leather.
  8. I don't have the 30s but I have the Pap in 26 and the Speedy in 25. I use the Pap more. It's more of my style. Love them both though.