Owners of Red PS1, Any Fading Issues?

  1. This is to all the owners of any red PS1 bags, (I am thinking of getting a true/lipstick red PS1), have any of you had any fading or discolouration issues? How long have you had the bag for? Thanks!
  2. Hi girl friend. You and me in Proenza LOL. This is so funny. I just can't get it out of my head either.:lol:
  3. Lmao!! Good to see you here friend! Bals and PS seem to both have that edginess in common. I recall us having a convo about us both wanting a PS lol. What colour are you looking for?
  4. You are so right. I am getting a Black one for my first Proenza. :graucho:
  5. Did you get it yet. I'm thinking of a black as well. Have you heard anything about fading issues on their black?
  6. No i haven't gotten it. I am trying to find one with Black hardware. I haven't heard any thing about Black yet but i am not going to worry about it so much.
  7. I wish i could find the Neon Coral or this purple one. It is gorgeous.
    123 003.jpg
  8. Do they have black hardware? I've only seen gold, silver and gunmetal.
    Based on the pic I think there is on hgbags.
  9. I will find out tomorrow.
  10. Lol I just commented on your thread. Yeah girl, the one you want is black hw. I thought it might've been gunmetal but it's not. They have a black w/ gunmetal on hgbags. GL doll!
  11. Thank you. Same to you. The search is on.:panic: