Owners of Ready-to-Wear Collection - Gorgeous coat

  1. When I was in the store this weekend the SA was nice enough to help me try on a few coats. The cutting of the coats are absolutely fab, and the one I was actually considering is about $2,800 CDN (hmm, that looks more expensive typed out, than when I say it outloud) and is dark grey, with a lighter gray strap at the neck.

    However, as much as it is an adorable coat, with fantastic cutting, and with free alterations...I found that the buttons were a lil loose, it was a lil tight in the under-arm area, and it was essentially a normal black wool coat with a nice LV mono lining...is it really worth it to spend $3K on a coat? Are there any ready-to-wear owners that would like to share their experiences?
  2. i don't own any, but i'm sure they'll alter it for you so it fits perfectly....?
  3. I wouldnt spend so much on a coat.. Because i live in a sunny country.. Hhaa.. But really if i had money to spare i would.
  4. i own a lv suit jacket and quality is pretty good. however like my other cheaper suits $400-800$, there isn't much different imo.. especially wool jacket..i think you can look at another brand for a lower price tag with the same or better comfort. depends on your taste
  5. Yes, I think you can find another brand for a lower price.
  6. $3k does sound like a lot of money for a coat. I'd go for something at a lower price. Perhaps if there's an LV jacket that isn't so much, you could probably get that?
  7. Depending on what their seam allowances are would determine if they could acctually let them out for you. When sewing a curve, it usually needs to be nipped (small cuts) in that fabric, so it can glide and move more easily and not be caught up. I would be 99% sure this is done, only a very inexperienced sewer would not do this, or you have a fantastic fabric, which wool doesn't have the properties to allow for. Also, keep in mind that those pits have been stitched together for quite some time not and if let out could have permanent/really difficult to be removed sewing holes. which may strain the material. Not to mention that areas like the arm pits, crotch etc. are double and sometimes triple stitched for reenforcement, since they're prone to much more action than a side seam for example. Just because its designer doesn't mean they can perform miracles. I'm sure if you go to a really top notch seamstress it could be replicated perfectly to your specific body. But if you heart (and wallet) sing for THAT coat, then by all means get it. Just thought you should be aware of some of the complications that may arise when sewing.
  8. naughtymanolo, thanks for your excellent and expertise input! My mom was also saying that they may not have much fabric to let out....*sigh*...I love the coat, but the fact that I could buy a simiar one for like 10% or less of the cost, makes me think that this will go on my list of "Things To Buy When Tiffany Wins the Lottery".

    I already feel a bit guilty about spending almost $2K on a purse....eek eek eek!
  9. eek. well if i had enough money to spend for all my wants then i'd go for it since they can alter it to fit me but since i am not filthy rich i would pass since you can get other coats without the mono lining for a wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper price.
  10. I own 2 lv jackets, or coats... i did own 3 but sold one since i out grew it. one was $2140... worth every penny... i say go for it, its something I cherish.
  11. I live in a cold winter climate and have found that the more expensive coats from Europe last longer and stay in style longer. LV would certainly fall into this category. I think it is well worth the investment to pay more for a LV coat.
  12. Are you the kind of person who babies your bags??

    If so you may find yourself wanting to baby the coat also. If this is the case, then you might find yourself restricted in some sense seeing as a coat is always so exposed, if you understand what I'm trying to get at here?
  13. I recently bought a Burberry coat that was 2k.. but I only bought it because it fit me like a glove. If it doesn't fit well, I wouldn't go for it. There is definitely something about premium coats tho, like the cutting, the materials etc. that makes the price tag a little less painful !
  14. I am not sure about spending that kind of $$ on a coat, but if you are going to use it the GO FOR IT! If it is LV is has to be fab!
  15. I totally get what you mean! :yes:
    And I agree - the quality of the coats is so good it helps ease the pain of the price...I find each day I baby my trevi a lil less....but agreed - I worry when ppl rub up against my bag, I'd prolly be equally anal if someone rubbed up against my coat (which is even easier!!):sweatdrop: