Owners of Raspberry? Coloured Mulberry Bits

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  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if anyone owns anything from Mulberry that is in their colour Raspberry ??

    I have googled it and it seems its quite a vibrant bright colour? Just wondered if anyone owned one and what they feel about it?

    I dont normally wear pink but in some of the images I googled it looked very pretty x
  2. Here you go Emz....

    Not overly vibrant or bright. Mulberry pink is much brighter :smile:

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  3. Thanks Moo! In some pic I saw it looked like a red almost but then in others a bright pink so I couldn't be sure :0)
  4. This is my raspberry bayswater. Lovely shade of pink :smile:

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  5. She is lovely too Ser !!! I think the bright colours really shows the bag off more. x
  6. Tha Raspberry Spaz was a very deep pink going over to red tone if I remember correctly. A few of the images you pulled up might be that version.
  7. Thank you, she was my first Mulberry :smile:
  8. I saw my very first Lexi in what I believe was this colour today. It stood out like a sore thumb (in a nice way) I saw the colour before I saw the Lexi if that makes sense

    Very vibrant colour and lovely for spring when the sun does come out
  9. As Mulberry Peony points out, there was a different shade of raspberry from 2008....

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  10. This is the raspberry lily against the valentine red ( this is very red). I love this pink .

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  11. I went to York Mulberry shop today and the Raspberry Lily, Bayswater and Alexa were side by side. I have to say the Alexa is more vibrant than the Bayswater and Lily. Still nice though.

  12. OOoooooo I do love this colour !!!
  13. Both beautiful bags !!!! :biggrin:

  14. Thats interesting wonder how comes that is ... did you happen to see any mini alexas by chance ?
  15. No mini alexas, sorry.