Owners of Patent Leather Bags! A question!

  1. I just bought the patent leather quilted ursula bowler in ivory. It looks just like this: [​IMG]

    Will the patent leather turn yellow?
    How do you clean the stitches b/c the leather will not get dirty easily, but the light colored threads will?


    does anyone have the cola version? (brown)
  2. anyone?? :sad:
  3. wish i could help you.
    i only have the patent leather in black and it's on a zip clutch, not a bag...
  4. I called a local high-end leather repair service. They told me that ALL light colored patent bags will discolor, faster with exposure to the sun. The guy told me that if I'm spending a lot of money on a patent bag, he'd recommend that I go in a dark color like black otherwise I could be really disappointed when the bag turned yellow. My SA that's sold bags for years told me the same thing.

    I saw a pair of white patent shoes at a NM Last Call store that had large yellow spots from discoloration! So I guess it does happen.

    My friend bought a MJ Elise in blush and her bag came with a "warning" card not to expose the bag to sunlight... I don't want to "scare" you away from the bag, but I think it's something that is an unfortunate reality. You can "clean" patent leather with patent leather cleaner--I bought my cleaner at Nordstrom in the shoe department.
  5. I have a LV silver vernis backpack I bought years and years ago which did eventually discolour because of the exposure to the sun - she is now a golden colour - (which isn't bad in itself because she did discolour evenly LOL)!!!
  6. ahh!! yellow bowler?
    should i get the blue one then??:cry:
  7. omg! if you can get the blue one...Wow! what a find! I saw IRL and it is Gorgeous! :yes:
  8. as much as i love the ivory, i wouldn't risk the yellowing.

    the patent blue is really stunning though! you should go for that, i think.
  9. i bought the chalk elise before i knew about the discoloration... now i wish i opted for the black one (since midnight is all sold out). i now only carry my elise at night!
  10. I think if you love the color/style of a bag, enjoy it. If everyone's overly concerned about changing colors, then there would be no market for white patent and/or leather items (bags, shoes, accessories). Many members tend to ask for recommended bags that would last a lifetime. Honestly, would you really wear your bag for a lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Our tastes change over time.

    White leather (stored indoor), even very expensive ones, change color over time too -- it's a fact! I still buy white bags b/c bags in dark colors don't go with certain outfits (imagine a pastel dress).

    Some Chanel Managers recommend sending their White bags (friends asked about Chanel Classic Flap in White) to a professional leather shop to dye it back to white every 10 years -- this is the figure she gave, maybe it takes less than 10 years for this to happen.

    I recently discovered discoloration on my 2-year-old white high-heel shoes (stored in original box). The regular leather portion (top part) turned yellow, but the coated white heels are still white.
  11. can you post a picture? is it really noticible and an ugly yellow?
    would the leather shop be able to dye white patent bags? the patent part i'm concerned about...
  12. i got the blue one!

    i just noticed that the feet are scratched... I could tell that it was a return bag b/c the tags were cut and attached inside with a plastic ring... should i ask Nordstroms to order a new one?

    the scratches are superficial and some are deeper. some go through the gold surface and show silver :[
  13. My camera's not with me (someone borrowed it) so I can't take the pictures to share. The leather portion of my white shoes is no longer white-white, it's not ugly yellow. =) They aren't exactly noticable when worn -- I noticed the changed color when I took them out of the box (I take really good care of my shoes/bags/wallets/etc).

    I am not sure if leather shop can dye white patent leather, I'll try to call & find out. Chanel/Nordstrom/etc recommend Margaret's Cleaners (specialty service Factotum Expert Leather Repair)

    Factotum Expert Leather RepairTM (top)

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  14. I talked to a lady there & I am told the following:

    1. Patent Leather can only be cleaned, it can not be re-dyed like regular leather.
    2. White Patent Leather turns mello; her clarification on 'mellow' -- it's just no longer pure white (she said even regular leather bags don't stay pure-white). I asked her whether it'll turn into ugly looking yellow over time. She said she hasn't seen it like that.
    3. Don't leave patent leather items against objects, they will pick up colors.

  15. Could swear there is a blue bowler at the Nordstrom at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. The large one, I believe. I think I saw it on Monday of this week. You could call and check... if you still want one... ask for Crystal. 757-314-1111