Owners of patent "croc" Tribute - opinions please

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  1. I have posted pictures of a bag I just purchased in the authentication thread for verification, but browsing through the forum I have seen where others had questioned the quality of the patent croc material. Do your bags have a vinyl-like appearance and are somewhat thin and flexible? Any input is appreciated!
  2. hey, i have the patent white croc embossed muse. it does have thin leather but i dont find that an issue. its much shiner than the normal patent.

    i have since dyed the bag black as white patent tend to get dirty easily and the worse part about patent is that the dirt sticks! so think twice if the bag you want is white! or any light colour.

    i think the croc embossed is a nice change from the normal muses. i also have a red leather muse and a grey ostrich muse.
  3. peachiesncream, how did you dye patent leather, I thought that couldn't be done. I'd love to learn how. Thanks!
  4. I have the black croc and it's easily my most used bag. It does seem to be thin but like the poster above said it's really not a problem. I don't think the bag looks like vinyl either, just patent.