Owners of Papillon/Souflfot comments please

  1. Is this a functional bag? Roomy? Pros/Cons?:confused1:

    Im starting to like this style & would want some feedback from those of you who already have it.:smile:
  2. I have 2 paps 30 and I love it!! It's very roomy and light.

    The only con I can think of is the pap might get squash underneath your arm.
  3. I have a papillon 26 in mono and I really do love it. It is spacious, cute, and trendy.

    I think if I were able to do this all over again I would get the Pap 30 in Damier. Maybe some day.....
  4. I hope they make a damier azur pap soon... :drool:
  5. i have damier 30..... i only use it on rainny days anymore....but i LOVE it! it's pretty comfortable too!

    only thing....if i put too much stuff in it, the top part seems to get flat!! i have too many long wallet size stuff in there.....
  6. i have the damier pap 30, and a mono pap 26.
    mono pap 26 fits nicely on my shoulders, but it get squashed sometimes, but i can put heaps of things in it.

    however, i prefer the damier pap 30, because its waaaay roomier, and it fits on my shoulders better than the 26.
  7. I have a mono pap 30 and absolutely adore it! It has been my everyday bag almost nonstop since I got it a couple months ago! I can fit a ton in it. There's a post around here I made right after I got it that has pictures of all the crap in it...unfortunately i dont have the pics on my hard drive anymore.
  8. My Damier Pap 30 can hold a lot and no need to worry about vachetta. Don't press on car brakes too fast, it'll roll off the seat lol.
  9. LOL That is exactly what happens to mine!
    I love my papillon though. I have the mono 26 and it holds a lot except i find that I have to get a smaller wallet as my bigger one is not comfortable to get in and out. And it is a handheld only for me. Some people have been able to wear it on their shoulder but I must have really fat arms as it does NOT work for me:p .
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Surprisingly roomy. I have pics of my CB pap capicity...I will see if I can find it for you....
  12. Here you go!



  13. I have a damier papillon love it, as long as you keep things in a wallet or baggy, if not it rolls around and is hard to find. Keys are a nightmare in it! It does fit on the shoulder quite well.
  14. ooh, every time i see these pics it mades me so upset. there's a brown/pink one on LT that just calls my name, but I can't even afford bills right now, much less a cb pap :crybaby:
  15. My soufflot can hold a ton, and I love it, but the straps do leave marks on my arms. It can get a little irritating, but it's a great bag to get in and out of.