Owners of Outdoor Lignes....

  1. How's the leather like? Smooth and silky or more rubbery? Also, those who has the hobo style....too big? Does it drape nicely? TIA:smile:
  2. The texure is a distressed grained caviar. I don't know what you mean by rubbery. It is not smooth like lambskin or stiff like caviar. It's a caviar with "give", more flexible. I have the tote and love it. I think the Outdoor ligne was one of Chanel's best.

    Those who have the hobo love it, but there were posts about the leather taking on funny shapes so no, it is not going to drape like a soft, smooth calf or lambskin hobo.
  3. To me, the leather feels like a Football (American). I purchased the Hobo a while back, but returned it because as Roey stated, it did not hang right and took on funny shapes. It looked awkward to me because it is supposed to be a slouchy bag, but the leather is too stiff.
  4. That was I was afraid of--I'm looking for something slouchy...and relatively simple, no bells and whistles thanks for the input Sparkly & Roey:smile:
  5. Have you considered the Soft and Chain hobo? There are pics of mine in the reference thread, including a modeling pic so you can see the drape. It's a coated/treated, thick lambskin so although the leather is smooth, it is pretty much scratch-resistant (just don't take a knife to it!). I am really surprised at the durability. The chain is thick but not uncomfortable on the shoulder (at least for me). The only drawback is the lack of a base; it won't sit up so needs to be set down flat when not in use.
  6. Just checked it out Roey, it's so pretty! It would be exactly what I'm looking for if it has a zipper closure on top--I'm finding it harder and harder to find something that's a tote or a hobo, top zipper closure(I travel alot and I'd prefer something that reduces the chances of things falling out)...I was looking at Vintage Ligne Totes, but I can't seem to find any. Thanks again:smile:
  7. Chriseve.. I'm a fairly recent new owner of a dark navy outdoor ligne hobo.. I took it w/ me on vacation.. and honestly it does take on a weird shape over your shoulders.. sorta like a fortune cookie. With the distressed caviar... it's pretty sturdy... w/ no need to worry about scratches etc. It's a great "beater-rainy day-jean-casual day bag". :tup: Good luck with your search!
  8. I have the brown hobo. It is very much like a football : ) And it so takes the wear and tear. I literally throw it around everywhere. I don't mind the slouchy/strange shape because it seems to work with the distressed leather, casual style. It holds a ton and I wear it to death!
  9. I have the black hobo and it is very understated and fun to use in rainy weather since as everyone has mentioned the leather is awesome. I don't mind the funny shapes it takes on and I love the wasy the chain is on top of the leather handle.
  10. Reviving an old thread.... does the leather get softer, less football-y with use?

  11. Not so far for me.
  12. i felt one at neiman's that seemed to have been handled a lot and it was pretty slouchy (but not actually soft -- i can understand the football comparison). i'm not sure i understand why the shape is being described as funny -- here is a pic from the reference library and it looks pretty normal to me:

  13. Mine is pretty much the same as the day I bought it and although it's not an every day bag, it's in my rotation quite a bit.
  14. I have a brown hobo and i agree that it feels sorta like a football but it does get softer and less stiff after use.
    I used it on my recent trip to London and it rained, but the bag held up fine.
    Here's a pic of how it sits after continuous use:
    outdoor hobo.jpg
  15. I don't think the shape looks funny either, personally. I love that the leather is so durable - and that it's such a high end bag that isn't just covered in huge logos.