Owners of Oak Mitzy Hobo - advice needed!

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  1. Am thinking of taking the leap and trying a 'new' Mulberry style and I think the Oak Mitzy Hobo might fit the bill. I say new as all the the Mulberries I have bought recently have been pre-loved older styles no longer in production. I have a few questions -

    How does the Oak leather wear? Is it prone to rainspots/marks like NVT?
    Is it large enough to fit A4 files? How easty is it to get in and out of and does it fit over the shoulder?

  2. PS. I am thinking of getting the large size
  3. I have the same bag. The leather is very robust and doesn't show the rain. I gave mine a dose of Collonil and it still looks great.
    A4 files should fit in as there's plenty of room in it. It might just be worth measuring the top opening to ensure its wide enough, there's definitely enough space inside once it's in though.
    The single strap easily fits over the shoulder and will go over a winter coat too. I love mine!