Owners of Multiple ZC's - What are your reasons?

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  1. I have to admit I never quite understood why people own multiples of the Zip Clutch. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE mine (Emerald) but other than maybe eventually owning one more in a lighter color, I never really considered owning more than two. I always just figured I would rather use that money toward a bag.

    Now with all of the recent talk and pictures of zip clutches, I find myself wanting several!! :nuts: In all different colors, styles (quilted/non-quilted), etc!

    So, to those of you who own more than one ZC, or to those of you, like me, who want more, why do you keep getting them? Do you actually plan on using all of them? Or do you just like collecting them in all different colors? I think it would be fun to hear your reasons. :yes::tup:
  2. I have two ZCs - I just got my 2nd one today. The reason I bought more than one is that the one I have is several years old and has been pretty heavily used. It was previously used when I first got it, and I've been using it for about 3 yrs now - I figured it was time for a new one. It's Geranium color, which I don't mind at all - in fact, I think it goes great w/most of my bags (mostly blacks and browns, a few gray). I just got a new one in Teal to match my new Silvana bag. I probably wouldn't have gotten a second one right now if I hadn't just gotten the bag & found the ZC on sale (it was a timing thing)

    I think some people like to collect the various colors and textures just like some people collect Balenciaga bags - they're all the same, but it's fun to find them in various shades and different types of leather.
  3. ^^Geranium sounds like a great color! :heart::heart:
  4. I'm obsessed with MJ zip clutches! I think they're adorable and use them when I go out and don't want to carry much. Plus, I love the colors they come in. I only use one as a wallet so that one can get used and abused while the others are well taken care of.
  5. I have several because I'm a freak! Well, I guess you already knew that. :p

    I like them because I can get them in bright colors that I wouldn't normally wear as a bag. For example, I got emerald first because at that time I didn't think I could pull off a green bag and wanted a color that would work well with my other bags. I got canary for the same reason a year later. As for maroon, I adore purple, and wanted something to go with my non-purple bags. This is the same reason for the bordeaux. I did own a black quilted, but promptly resold it because I just can't do a black wallet. It doesn't spice up my ensemble in any way.

    I guess overall, the reason I like ZCs is because I like extra color with my bags and it's a relatively cheap piece that has a lot of "mileage." It also allows me to own colors I wouldn't normally buy as bags.

    In conclusion... I guess I really am a freak.:upsidedown:
  6. I own 3 right now - peanut, black and Bordeaux. I love the Bordeaux color in general. I love the peanut color b/c it goes with lots of my neutral colored bags (especially my browns, Guccis, some Koobas, etc). I have not returned my black yet b/c I'm still thinking about it....can't decide....I really wanted a grey one but couldn't find one anywhere. If I ever find a grey one - I will bring my black back b/c I rather have a different color. I agree with thithi
    I"m a freak in the sense that when something "hits me" like the ZC I have to have more than one color. Plus, I have all these nice bags I've collected the last 2 years and no nice wallets (just a busted Michael Kors one in black) now I have something that is so neat and beautiful - it makes me want to keep my wallet neat and not a flippin' mess haha
  7. i have always wondered how people have a bunch of them too :smile: i keep trying to save for one.. but i always end up buying a bag for around the same price instead. it's hard for me to justify these wallets.. even though i love them!

    i think part of it is i prefer the silver hardware too :/
  8. I guess I'm becoming a freak then too because I totally understood all of those reasons. I think I'm beginning to "get it" now! :yes:
  9. my reasons are pretty much the same as thithi's. zc's allow me to wear colors that i would normally be hesitant to wear as a bag. i gravitate towards neutrals, so to keep things from getting boring i try to buy my accessories in brighter and bolder colors.

    aside from the size, the compartments, and overall convenience of the zc, i love that it's so pretty it can stand on its own. i can use it as a clutch and it would top off my ensemble perfectly. imo, it's the perfect wallet. i can fit my checkbook AND cell phone in there. i don't own nearly as much as i would like. i'm waiting for the spring colors to come out, and hopefully something will catch my eye.
  10. You know, I've had only one for the longest time...in aquamarine with the navy suede inside...but I recently won one in bronze with baby blue suede. I am definitely going to get more! I just really love when you have a dark fall bag and then all of a sudden you pull out this vibrant colored wallet...and it's like Emeril says "Bam!"....it just kindof punches up an ensemble :smile:
  11. lol devinesgirl.......i totally agree....but i still think it's kinda weird that we are so in love with a zc. .... i have two and was gonna get three and had to sit back and really think....i mean i don't need more than one, it's a darn wallet, but i have bordeaux and teal, now i'm trying to think about whether i should return my teal zc, especially since i have a teal mayfair....makes me uneasy to have two items in the same color
  12. I hear you....I have a Blake in Aquamarine with a matching ZC but I never use them together. I don't really like to be too matchy matchy with my stuff.