Owners of Monogram Glitter bags..

  1. :yes: Anyone with the Monogram Glitter bags? please please post some pics of you and the bags? Thank you!! :flowers:
  2. Am I missing something here?? I don't know Glitter bag..my wild guess is Miroir..
  3. the Glitter range was from 2005 i think spring collection. Its not the same as the mirror range. Looks something like these i found on the internet.

  4. Those were gorgeous and I think Michelle from the board was going to get one in pink but her store had only gotten white in. You rarely ever see these though..my favorite was the Seau :yes:
  5. They were satin with lizard and came in white, pink and yellow. Here are a couple from ebay..
    Seau in white:

    Seau in yellow:

    Cabas in white:
  6. omg the cabas is gorg!!! thanks for the pics rebecca!
  7. Every time someone brings up the Glitter line I get a little teary eyed. I think that incident made me realize how much I really like my SA. I got the unfortunate call that the bags were sold out from another woman who handles the lists-not my SA, a day later my SA calls and says she managed to find a white one. It wasn't the same though. But I loved that she went that extra mile for me.
  8. Aww. Maybe you'll get one someday..they're really gorgeous bags.
  9. Thanks ladies for the pics.. i was wondering how the Seau actually looks when a person carries it on the shoulder.. does it stick out because of its round shape?
    :confused1: i think the Glitter bags are gorgeous.. but it seems alot of pple don't like it.
  10. Oh satin bag, I think Let-trade has in in their website.Pretty bags..
    Got it from celebs thread..

  11. I think it might kind of mush in a little bit because the bag doesn't really have a lot of structure.
  12. I have never heard of this line...I love it!! I am particulary in love with the Seau!
  13. I really liked this line too when it came out...but unfortunately didn't like any of the styles it came in. The seau looks like a pail, the cabas is too small, and the other one reminds me of a diaper bag. Wish they could've expanded this line!
  14. Yes, Let Trade got the yellow one in the past..those bags are gorgeous!!!!
  15. Oh I love the pink one....It would make a great baby bag....love it.:love: