owners of mono speedy 35

  1. for those of you with a speedy 35...do you regret the purchase. Any of you have both the 30 and the 35?? If so, which do you prefer for everday? I'm thinking of ordering the 35, but need some imput from you guys first. thanks much.;)
  2. I have the 35 only and I don't regret getting it since I have to take A4 stuff with me (uni student). I'm used to big bags, but many people thinks it's already luggage size. I bought it for the carrying stuff purpose, not for it to fit my frame (I'm only 5'1)
  3. So do you think it looks more like luggage than a handbag?? I'm 5-8 by the way.
  4. I had the 35 and sold it as it was too big for everyday... I had the 30 also and it was great for everyday - very roomy!
  5. i have a 30 and sometimes i wish id got the 35. i use the 30 everyday for uni but i cant fit files in it. and library books fit but i usually take a canvas tote too for all of my files.
  6. I don't really need the 35 for room, I just was thinking it looked more stylish..but I'm not sure??
  7. I have a 35 and 30 (and 25 at the post office waiting for me to pick up). I don't think the 35 is too big, but I carry a lot of stuff. I can fit my notebooks and stuff into it for school but I've noticed that the bigger my bag is, the more stuff I carry (even if I don't need it, I just toss it in to make my bag look stuffed) and it hurts my shoulders a lot by the end of the day (which is why I got a 25). Sorry, I'm just rambling here...
  8. I have a Cerises Speedy 25, a Azur Speedy 25 and just ordered a Red/Silver Epi Speedy 25. They are the perfect size for me. The 30 would be to big. I'm 5'2 105 lbs. I love them all.
  9. I would really like to know too as I am considering purchasing the speedy 40!
  10. I would love the 30. I have the 25 and really love it but am starting to like bigger bags. The 35 would be huge to me - I am not sure I like something that big.
  11. I have both the 30 and 35. I switch them out depending on what I need to do for the day. For me, both work fine as every day bags--I like bigger bags because I carry a lot of stuff. I was considering getting the 40 before I got the 35 because I thought there wasn't a big size difference between the 35 and 30. I'm glad I got the 35 instead because the 40 would have been too big for me--almost like carrying a duffle/gym bag every day. The 35 is just perfectly roomy for those days when I need to bring more stuff with me. For reference, I'm 5'5 and about 145 lbs.
  12. Do you have pictures of yourself wearing both sizes?? thx:smile:
  13. I have a 35, and I'm 5'6". I like having the room so that if I acquire something during the day (book, magazine, bottle of water, whatever) I'll have somewhere to put it. The 30 is just a *tad* too short for a library book/magazine. I *ADORE* my 35.
  14. The 40 is pretty big. I have a mono 25, mono 35 and both Damier reg/azur in 30. I think 30 is the perfect size. I don't regret the 35 but the sides do collapse pretty bad because of the structure of the bag. You can prevent the droop on the bottom but unless your bag is stuffed, the sides will cave in. More so on the 35 and 40.
  15. I don't consider my 35 luggage, ok it fits clothes for a weekend, but my luggage is so big I could fit in it myself... anyway,if you don't wanna carry much stuff or A4 maybe the 30 is better, look for size reference pics