owners of mono speedy 35

  1. For those of you that have it...how do you like it? Now that you have it, do you feel that it is too big (look to big). I'm just wondering if it looks like your carrying a duffle bag. Thanks:smile:
  2. I had one and sold it b/c it was way too big for me - I am five feet tall
  3. I have one and it doesn't look too big on me because I am tall. But I find it a bit too heavy- especially with many things inside... I kind of regret not taking a smaller version, I think 30 is a perfect size for almost everybody.
  4. I own it and I have stated over and over that I regret getting this bag!!! It is way tooooooooo big, to the point that the sagging looks awkward because of the length of the bag.

    Furthermore, while it doesn't quite look like a duffle bag, it certainly feels like one at times. I have been using mine as a super expensive storage bag for my hair rollers and other small knick-knacks.....it is just too big and I am really disappointed that I have to use this way.

    Go for the Speedy 30, you'll be so much happier!!!!
  5. I saw the 35 on jessica simpson and I really liked it on her. But I don't think this is a bag to use it totally filled