Owners Of Mono Speedy 30 And 35

  1. You guys who have both the mono Speedy 30 and mono Speedy 35..... which one do you use most? Do you ever think about selling the one that you don't use as much? For me it would feel like having to make a decision to give one of your children up for adoption. Which child would you pick? It would be a little like "Sophie's Choice."

    Mono 35....... With heavier coats during the winter
    Mono 35.......With more to carry during the day
    Mono 35......For travel
    Mono 35.......For trendier outfits

    Mono 30..... For less bulky clothing, nicer weather
    Mono 30.....More conservative outfits
    Mono 30...A little less "LV in your face" look
    Mono 30.... Classic elegance

    So....... I just rationalized the necessity of having both sizes.

    Anyway.... do you guys use one more than the other?
  2. i had the 30, but sold it after i got my 35. i think they are too similar and i love my 35 better and i knew i would never use the 30 again. Maybe get the damier in 30 and mono in 35.
  3. luvmy3girls,

    I am trying to decide if I love the Damier ebene enough to buy the Speedy 30. I run hot and cold on this pattern. Some days I look at it on ELUX and like it and other days I find it too monotonous with the checkerboard. I already have the mono Speedy 35 and use it almost daily (except when it snows and rains.... I live in New England). But I keep thinking that I am missing the classic size 30 for my collection..... which, believe me, isn't that much. The only handbag I own is the Speedy 35 and I also have the Poche Toilette 26 for evening and running errands. Also, I have the mono pochette that I have had for years. So I think about buying the Speedy 30 on a daily basis because I think that I am missing something. KWIM?
  4. I owned the 30 but I retured for the 35, cause the 35 looks better proportioned with my hight.:tup:
  5. Most of my speedies are 30 with the exception of one 25 in red epi ... I am actually considering buying the mono 35.
  6. Get the Damier 30, I think you will LOVE it once you have it! It's much more beautiful in person!

    Here is my new one:

  7. princess_eab,

    That Damier Speedy is so beautiful. And I love the bandeau on it. You have great taste! Maybe I should go for the ebene Speedy 30. Then I wouldn't have to hide my handbag under my coat when it rains or snows. I go beserk with it so that the vachette won't get ruined in the inclement weather..... in Massachusetts. Then I would have my 30.... albeit in another pattern but maybe that will be the answer. Thank you for posting the picture. By the way.... I love your red Epi Speedy. It is adorable.
  8. princess_eab,

    Is your Damier "Made in France?"
  9. I prefer the size of the 35, but I have TWO 30's, so I've actually thought about selling the 35...But I'm sure I won't :smile:
  10. Thanks! ;) You know, epi is extremely weather-hardy, too! You might consider getting an epi speedy or other bag in a color of your choice. The epi 25 is actually about halfway between the canvas 25 and 30, sizewise.
  11. I have two 30's and they are the perfect size for me
  12. i have mono 35 and azur 30..i use the 35 when i have more stuff to carry than normal..usually when the weather is wacky (cold in AM, warm in PM) and I want to stuff my sweater or extra scarf or something I'll go for 35. I also like to use it for work cuz I can fit my lunch it in and it's still kinda saggy.

    I prefer to use my 30 when I'm not carrying as much (the sag isn't as bad as in 35 when you have very little in your bag). I also like the 30 more when I'm shopping cuz it's not as wide so it doesn't get in the way.

    I don't really pick one over the other re: winter coats and jackets. I think both look good with any size coat. I agree, that 35 is more casual looking and 30 is a bit more formal..but there wouldn't be much difference. 35 is much better to use for travel though as you can put more items in it but that too depends on what you would bring.

    I don't think mon 30 is "less lv in your face" than 35..as they both have the same logo...if you want more less lv in your face I would pick a damier print (ebene or azur) or mini lin, even epi. monogram is monogram and regardless if it's 35 or 25 it still shouts LV. HTH!
  13. yes, why?
  14. Because they are nowhere to be found in this country. I was wondering if they are awaiting a shipment from France.