owners of mini lin speedy

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  1. Are you guys still loving yours? I don't know if I love mine anymore. I used it one day this week after not using it for awhile and I quickly changed out of it at the end of the day. Maybe its too dark for this time of year...I dont know what my problem is. Anyone feel like this???:confused1:
  2. I don't own one, but yes, this time of year is not the time to wear it. I don't pull out any of my really dark bags right now except for my mono. Come winter, maybe you won't feel that way. :sad:
  3. I havent use my mini lin speedy for a couple months now .. em.. I guess I will pull it out when the weather is a little bit hotter
  4. its so..... bland
  5. I still use mine. If Mini Lin Speedy is bland, then the mono Speedy would be even more bland. JMO.

    If you don't love it any more, maybe you should consider letting it go for a bag that you'll love?
  6. get the one that u love!
  7. i have a the mini lin speedy in dune and i use it..not as often as other bags but i do like the summery look of it!
  8. I havent used mine for a while, but i'm sure when the bad weather comes i'll be glad to have it. I think its more a winter/fall bag.
  9. I have the Ebene and I use it everyday..I freakin love it!!
  10. I have one in dune and haven't used it in a while... I save it either for those triste rainy days (which will be coming up soon here in northern germany!) or for those days when I just feel like carrying next-to-nothing and just wanna go lightweight...
  11. ummmm... i never have or thought of buying different color bags for different seasons. i just use the bag i want.

    if you feel that way maybe parting it for another bag you love. but i'll wait till winter comes to see whether you still have the same bad feeling as now before letting it go.

    but i hope u do not do that cos i love the mini lin and thinking of getting a speedy in ebene.
  12. I had been drooling over this bag for months. But once I bought it and brought it home it no longer seemed to 'fit me' if that makes any sense
  13. I still love all my LVs including Mini Lin
  14. Put it away until Sept and see how you feel then.....Usually that works for me !
  15. I have one in Ebene. I don't use it as much as I did when I first purchased it, but I am still digging it.