owners of mc speedy

  1. I just recently got one..haven't busted her out yet but i was wondering if most of you attach that key holder thing to the handle and if you do..which one..the left or right? thanks much
  2. mine is on the left....!
  3. Mine is on the left.
  4. thanks..so you guys just keep it on the bag all the time?
  5. i keep the clochette on mine all the time. i'm not sure which side its on though cause its sitting in the dustbag from neglect lol.
  6. So funny cuz I originally wondered the same thing when I got my MC speedy and my CB Papillon. I think it put it on the left so when I carry it on my left arm, it is on the farthest side away from me. In the long run tho, it doesn't matter!
  7. Mine is in the little front pocket...I don't know why I took it off...maybe because I never used it.
  8. the side nearest the zip closure. LOL! sorry i can't remember which side that is...
  9. mine is in the end closest to the locking end...
  10. Nope, I dont like those things dangling off my bag.