owners of Lvoe bandeau

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  1. I really want one, but dont know what I would actually use it for. Do most of you use yours, or just have it because its so cute? I dont know if I would use it on my bags. thanks:smile:
  2. nobody?? I have one in my elux cart, but dont know if I should do it!!!;)
  3. I have one and I love it! GET IT! I've used it in my hair and on my bags...it's great if you want a little piece of the LVoe collection. I think there are pics of members using theirs if you look in the LoVe club in the clubhouse.
  4. I dont have the Love, but the groom. I use my as a belt...but i am a size 8(uk sizing). In your hair, tied to bags. Pretty much anything.
  5. I'm really hoping to get one today. I plan to wear it in my hair, great for bad hair days!
  6. does it stay in your hair, or does it slip out?? KWIM???
  7. Does anyone have pics of them wearing this on their head? I would love to get one, but was concerned if it would be too long.

  8. I'm not sure, I think because it's silk it might slip a bit but I have an Hermes scarf that stays alright and since these are thinner, I think they can be tied more tightly.
  9. i use it on my bags and in my hair :smile: get it! you won't be disappointed!
  10. get it get it get it!! i had it weaved through my noe, but i guess i tie too tightly so a few threads started to show!! i freaked and replaced it with the tiffanys twilly!

    BUT have no fear i replaced it just in time, looks good as new!!

    I LOVE using it as a braclet!! soooo chic!! or i tie it tightly around my neck with low cut top!!

    I even wore one (not this one) with a turtle neck so it was cut...like the scarf coverd my neck but in theback u saw the ends hanging a la halter strings!!

    it wont stay for the life of me in my hair, but ive worn it with a pony tail!!

    anddd as an anklet!!

  11. I wear mine in my hair and sometimes put it on my Miroir Speedys. Here are a couple of pics.

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  12. so many uses what you waiting for go get it!