Owners of LV Neverfull bags, straps are shredding

  1. Hello Owners of the monogram Neverfull GM, MM, or PM bags, do you notice your straps, the red dye paint chips off or beginning to shred apart when you purposely bend or pull the straps apart (the red dye part on your straps) Is this normal for all LV bags that have vachetta on the red dye straps?
  2. OMG! not another flaw! was there any trauma to the bag? or is this from normal use?
  3. I've never had any issues with the red glaze on my LV bags (ones with the vachetta straps).
  4. OUCH!! That sounds horrible! I have never had that problem either. I would contact LV and ask them about it!
  5. oh man im sorry...im having a feeling with the lower pricetag of the bag they lowered the quality!!! im so sorry!! man it was such a cute bag! ughhh!
  6. well purposely bending and pulling the straps apart does not constitute normal wear and tear. LV bags are not indestructable...
  7. If you force it to bend of course it will fray and crack. That is not normal usage!
  8. Oh, what I meant was notice the straps and the red glaze on the bag, it's not as stiff as the other bags such as the mono petite bucket or the mono speedy. For that reason, I guess that's why the Neverfulls are a lot cheaper than the other bags for the size you're getting.
  9. I totally agree! :rolleyes:
  10. :yes: i second this.
  11. thats totally normal. my BV n other monogram bags are just the same. but i dont do it purposely, more of with wear.
  12. Thanks for a second opinion. Now I feel better.:tup: