owners of flaps with gold h/w

  1. 3 questions:

    what is your hair color/ eye color/ skin tone?

    do you wear silver/platinum jewelry with your bags?

    is it tacky to wear plat. with gold?
  2. 1) Brown, brown, tan
    2) White gold mostly
    3) Depends on the jewelry, but it doesn't matter that much
  3. 1) Brown hair, Dark Brown eyes, and Fair/Med Asian skin tone (depending on the season!)
    2) Yes I wear silver-tone jewelry with my gold-HW bags. My favorite watch to wear is Stainless Steel/White gold, so I have no choice!
    3) I think it looks Stylish to mix silver and gold. Here's a good example in this Jennifer Aniston picture. I love how she pairs gold bracelets with her Silver Roadster watch.:girlsigh:
  4. thanks, sparkly! those bangles do look good in mixed tones!
  5. If one considers the theory of skin tone and colors, people with yellow undertones (look at the inside of your wrist to determine one's base color) look best in warm colors. Gold accessories next to the fact (earrings, necklaces) will enhance your warm undertones. The same holds true for wardrobe, if you are warm toned, browns, oranges, tomato reds, periwinkle blue, etc. are going to make you look alive. Not to say you can't have silver hardware on your bag. It's not next to your face. I'm warm toned and love black, so I look dead most of the time. A scarf with some warm tones like cream, gold, etc. can fix this but I'm not that concerned. Hope this helps.
  6. I also love to mix my three coloured (pink, white yellow) Cartier jewelry with everything, including my stainless steel watch.

    However, when I look at myself in the mirror and I'm wearing yellow gold drops or hoops in my ears... the silver chain on my flap looks a bit wrong.

    Those Chanel silver chains are so obvious, that I really like to play up the stainless or white colour of my jewelry so there is a bit of a match. I still wear some yellow gold, but I don't wear the big gold stuff near my face.

    In answer to your second question, that's why I bought the reissue with the gold h/w... I think it looks better with my mostly yellow gold jewelry.
  7. Black, Dark Brown,Asian (fair w/yellow undertone)
    yup, i mix and match all the time, even wore my jelly TechnoMarine watch w/classic flaps lol:p
  8. Black, dark brown-korean (I have more olive undertone)

    I tend to only buy bags with silver and wear only silver or white gold. I just prefer it. I do have the Le Fab with Gold and its a little blingy, but I love it, and don't care.

    As long as you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, I dont' think it matters.
  9. I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and very fair skin. I wear both gold and silver/white gold jewellery, and I have bags with both gold and silver hardware.

    I don't match obsessively, but try to co-ordinate where it's really obvious--a gold necklace with a bag that has gold hardware, or silver/white gold with a bag with silver hardware.

    My rings are platinum, and I wear those with everything!