Owners of Duomo, pls advise

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  1. Saw the Duomo IRL at LV boutique yest, realise the checks placement do not seem the same as that feautured in LV site and Elux.

    Owners, pls advise, look at the checks near the joint at the bottom and the placement of LV print, it's almost 3 squares before the joint in this pict (from Elux) . But IRL, the LV print is only abt. 2 squares before the joint.

    The pict shows the checks alternating rather nicely even at the joints, but IRL, it's abit different right?

    Can owners pls advise? Wanna see if the placement of the checks are consistent. Am thinking of buying this gorgeous Duomo, so wanna be v sure.

  2. Nice observation! I just bought mine last week...never thougt to compare it with pic from elux. My Duomo's LV logo is almost 2 from bottom. I can show pics later. (need to take pics).
  3. I don't think you can compare to elux. Some of the wise ladies here have said that the pictures on elux are prototypes and not necessarily the product you get. Might be the same thing with the one you saw.
  4. That prob explains it. But even on the official LV site, the Duomo print is different from that IRL.
  5. You can't compare the bags on the LV site or Elux they are prototypes.
  6. Yup, mine is nearly 2 squares from the joint. I've attached a photo below.

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  7. Not only are they "prototypes" but they put those pictures out to throw off the fakers. My SA told me that. :yes:

  8. That's what also heard too!
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