Owners of Cabas Piano/Mezzo and Speedy 30 or Saleya PM/MM

  1. A couple of questions for you: (Answers to ANY of these questions will be appreciated!)

    If you have both Cabas piano and mezzo, would you please post a size comparison pic (and modeling pics would be great too!).

    I've looked in Visual Aids but couldn't really find anyone my height (5'7") with the Mezzo or Piano, if you are around that height, would you please post modeling pics of either (or both)?

    Does the Mezzo fit significantly more than a Speedy 30?

    Is the Piano too small to be an every day bag? Does it fit significantly less or around the same as a Speedy 30?

    If you have both the Cabas and the Saleya, which one do you prefer and why?

    Any more input regarding the Piano/Mezzo would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to compare them to any other bags I did not mention in this thread!
  2. i have a cabas piano and i carry a ton of stuff. i can show you with pics but i dont know how to post. also, im not blessed with your great height, im only 5'2".;)
  3. For me, I actually tried on MEzzo and Saleya MM before I decided to buy Saleya MM. I think piano is very small for me. Mezzo is nice but I think the straps is too long and I do not really like it. I think Mezzo is bigger than Saleya MM too. I would prefer Lockit Horizontal to Mezzo. At the end I bought Saleya as I like the size + no vacatta. HTH!
  4. I have the Saleya PM and Cabas Piano (I'm 5'4").

    Saleya PM pro: goes with nearly all my outfits, holds a ton, gorgeous lining, zip top, weatherproof damier. con: doesn't work on my shoulder (does for some but not on me as the wider bottom hits my side in a weird way).

    Cabas Piano pro: shoulder bag or crook of the arm, timeless mono, zip top, very versatile with most outfits. con: doesn't hold quite as much as the Saleya PM but I'm not one to overstuff my bags anyway. Vachetta bottom can be a worry.
  5. I have/had all three bags. the mezzo holds way more than the speedy and piano. I sold my piano to a friend and she uses it as her eveyday bag and loves it. The mezzo I sold as it was too big for me, I am 5'1 and covered my entire upper body. I have the saleya and love it. Perfect shoulder shape.
  6. I have a cabas piano and had a Speedy 30. Sold the Speedy because I did not like carrying it in my hand. I LOVE the cabas and it holds a lot, but it is not oversized. The zip top is a huge plus. I am 5 7 and large framed, and the cabas is a good size for me. I would recommend it to anyone.
  7. I had a Cabas Piano but sold it last year because it was too small for my needs. I think it just really depends on what you carry with you on a daily basis - I tend to carry everything because I find when I don't, that's the one time I need the "missing" item.

    I have a Speedy 30 and I would say that the Cabas Mezzo can definately carry more than the Speedy 30 but at some point you will need to stack your stuff in the Mezzo (if you carry a bunch of stuff). You can also throw in a jacket into the Mezzo although I remember rolling up a thin jacket and putting it in my Speedy 30 once.

    I'm 5"3', so the Mezzo is probably a bit big on me but I like big bags - I would compare the Mezzo to the Neverfull MM as well. I definately like the straps on the Mezzo and the drop (how it hangs on my shoulder). I always thought that the strap drop on the Piano could have been a few more inches to make it a bit more comfortable on my shoulder

    Here's the Cabas Mezzo that I recently purchased (pre-loved) that I use with a large purseket which I highly recommend for keeping your smaller items organized while inside the Mezzo:
    IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0021.JPG IMG_0024.JPG
  8. Thanks for all the input guys...I'm actually thinking of SOing a damier Cabas piano/mezzo and that's why I am comparing it to the Saleya...

    So, how does the Speedy 30 compare to the Piano in terms of size??
  9. I am only 5'2" and I have the salayea PM and the speedy 30. I love both bags!
  10. Reviving this thread to get more opinions...I'm still debating between the Piano and the Mezzo. Do you think the Mezzo is a tad too big to use as an every day bag??
  11. Depends on how much stuff you routinely carry. I'd say it might be a tad too big for everyday but screw what everyone else says. If you're comfortable, more power to ya. Seems like it could be overpowering. I've only seen women use it as travel totes or diaper bags (at least where I live).

    Either SO the Piano in damier or go w/ the Saleya...the saleya has a great timeless shape.
  12. I just wish the Saleya PM's shoulder straps were longer!! They are sooo short, in the winter it would definitely NOT fit over my shoulders.
  13. I have the saleya PM and I think the handles are too long! But the bag size is great! Holds soo much stuff and keeps its shape too because of the re-inforced base x
  14. I have the cabas piano and the saleya pm and I love both but if I have to choose I would go with the cabas piano because it's more confortable on the shoulder.
    SO cabas in damier are simply gorgeous!!! let us know if you SO one!!!
  15. I've looked at the Cabas Piano and Saleya PM in great depth. Although I still haven't decided which ones "better" to get, I did make several observations. I hope they help you:

    The Cabas Piano has long flat straps so it makes a wonderful shoulder bag and you could wear it with the biggest jackets in winter but some people have trouble keeping the straps on their shoulder so you might want to check before purchasing. The opening of the Cabas isn't as wide as the saleya opening so it won't be as easy to throw things in your bag and go. The saleya is more like the BH where its more "open" and so the saleya would be easier to get things in and out of (Not that its hard on the Cabas but just in comparison). The lining inside the Saleya is nicer (I dont know why since the Cabas is slightly more expensive). Because the shape of the Saleya goes out a bit at the top, I think it fits slightly more than the Cabas. A con of the Saleya is that since the handles are short, it will be quite difficult to fit it over your coat in winter, if you can at all so it will probably have to be hand-held if you are wearing thick layers. I think in terms of carrying it might be more difficult to handle the saleya... say you are grocery shopping and you are carrying the saleya on your shoulder... you would need to take the bag off your shoulder in order to get your wallet out to pay whereas for the Piano, you leave the bag on your shoulder and reach in and grab your wallet so its a bit less fuss. I also wonder how comfy the rolled handles would be... but I guess that evens out with how one strap of the Piano might slight off.

    Sizewise, I personally feel the Saleya PM and cabas are perfect size for everyday. (No children) I don't carry the kitchen sink with me but those bags would be more than enough to fit what I'd carry on a "heavy day": wallet, cell, tissue packet, water bottle or 2, magazine, makeup bag, scarf, sandals, plus enough room to fit my sweater. I believe the Speedy fits ever so slightly more than a Cabas but I'm not 100% positive. Hope this helped somewhat! =)

    Forgot to add, it seems like after awhile the Cabas canvas gets a bit slouchy where the handles connect to the bag and around where the vachetta from the bottom goes up the sides to meet the bag whereas the Saleya doesnt seem to have that issue. Don't know if that would bother you but I mention it just in case. =P

    Personally for me, the Mezzo and Saleya MM were WAY WAY too big for everyday. On me, those seemed more for if I had kids or was going on a trip or overnight.