Owners of both the Canvas Speedy 25 and 30...

  1. MyMonogram Speedy 25 does not fit into the 25 dustbag that came with it, I was wondering if your Speedy 25 fits into the dustbag that came with your 30. Thanks much!! :yes:
  2. Welcome to the forum!:flowers: Have you tried folding the bag to fit it in the dustbag that came with it?:idea:
  3. I just went and tried to put 25 unfolded into the 30's dustbag and it fits no problem. So, the answer to your question is, yes, it does fit.:smile:
  4. YES!!! Thank you so very much!! My 25 fits in the dustbag that came with it but only when its folded. I heard its terrible to keep them folded so I like to stuff mine. =)