owners of Black Denim Cabby...still love???

  1. I was just wondering if there were any regrets from those who have this bag?? I just can't seem to make a decision with this bag...I'm just afraid if I will still love it after acouple of months. Any input would be great from you guys. Thanks much
  2. I love mine! I've had it since the release and I used it for months. I just got the mirage speedy in black for Xmas, so I put my cabby away for a few days. It's back out again....used it today. It's just a great bag!!!! I love the shape, style, room inside....everything about it. I always get a ton of compliments on it because most say it's a unique looking LV. Not a ton of fakes out there either.
  3. Yes. I still love my Black Cabby!

    I don't fit a ton in it but the weight of the GM is putting me off.
    I wished that I got the MM instead.
  4. Lotsa love for it...had it since it was released!!!
  5. I've had mine also since it was released. Each time I take it out of the dustbag, I fall right back in love with it again. This bag gets complimented a lot. I have the MM. I adore it!
  6. :heart::heart:TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY:heart::heart:
  7. i want to be one of you owners!!!!! the cabby is totally drool-worthy...
  8. yep. i used it 6 months straight. i had to give cabby a break and am now using my cabas piano.
  9. I've had mine since it was first released too. I simply adore it ... I have the GM and I love how I can carry it so many different ways ~ hand, crook of my arm, shoulder and cross-body. And it's not very common where I live either, which I love, nice to not run into someone carrying the same bag you are KWIM?
  10. i love mine! i've been using her since mid-december though i bought when it was first released. (i tend to let my bags hibernate until i'm emotionally ready).

    the bag is so versatile. It goes with any outfit and the bag can be carried via handheld, crook of arm, or on shoulders. What's better than that!
  11. thanks for the input...so I guess it wears well then? I was afraid it might fade.
  12. I've had my GM for 2 weeks and even though I'm having problems with part of the hardware, I LOVE THIS BAG!! I searched for quite a while for the perfect bag big enough for A4 documents but yet can be shoulder carried. I didn't like the damier Chelsea nor Hampstead much, and I didn't want something in regular monogram. I was drooling over the Trevi but it's still out of stock where I am!

    What I love about the cabby:
    - It can fit A4 documents (GM)
    - Versatility of use (shoulder/hand/arm carried)
    - The lovely yellow lining! I feel happy somehow opening up my dark bag and seeing this cheerful colour popping out at me from inside
    - It works with both formal and casual outfits
    - It doesn't look so common
    - The combination of the black denim and antique gold hardware (I like the black more than the blue denim)

    What's not to love about it? LOL :lol: