owners of BH

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  1. I feel like the leather on my bag, gets dirty more than any of my other bags. I haven't really had it that long and have noticed that its kinda dirty and has darkened quickly more than my others. I'm kinda over it now, thinking of maybe selling it. I hate when the leather looks dirty. I'm so careful with my bags too, this must have just happened by normal use. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this with there batignolles' bags??
  2. Nope!! I've had the Batignolles Horizontal for about 8 months now and used it everyday for about 5 and the handles are still looking great. They've definitely got patina but they're not dirty at all.

    Maybe try cleaning them with baby wipes? I use baby wipes on all my bags and it really helps.
  3. Nope, I've had mine for over a year and it has aged very normally. Some dirt, of course, but I think that it has stayed surprisingly clean considering what I put it through!
  4. I have my bag for about 8 months too and the straps have a little dirt now.

    I think the dirt got there because I read newspaper in the morning and then grab my bag to work without washing my hands:crybaby: .
  5. Perhaps its what you're wearing, Are you getting color tranfer or rub off from your coat or jacket ?
  6. I've had mine for a year and the patina is actually a nice honey. I do however, have some darkened areas on the leather from wearing a dark denim jean jacket a lot of the time. It is doing the color transfer thing onto my bags. Oh well...
  7. Mine still looks fab and I've had it for 7 months.
  8. i don't have any problems with my BH. I would say I use it about 2-3 times a week and often carry my dog Molly in it. the straps are clean and a very light patina.
  9. hmmmm....maybe its just me. But I was looking at the strip of leather that goes around the top of the bag and it just looks kinda dingy and I have tried to be careful with it. Oh well, hopefully when it darkens up more, it won't be that noticeable.
  10. I've had my BH for over a year now and used it almost daily. My handles are still perfect, not dirty at all. The handle and leather edges have patina a bit, but that's it. The only part that is a little dirty is the leather at the bottom corner of the bag, but still very minor, not the dirty black color.
  11. i dont think its much different than any of the other bags,...
  12. Mine was dirty looking when I originally purcahased it from someone secondhand. Silly me for thinking that I could restore the bag to "like new" condition. I tried Magic Eraser and AppleGuard conditioner among other things to clean it. The appearance of the leather improved but it never looked very clean to me. I've noticed that more than anything, the leather trim at the top of the bag looks dirty (just like yours). I don't have this problem with any of my other bags but I think it may have to do with color transfer. I try not to wear black or dark colored tops when using it so as not to make it look worse.
  13. this thread is making me rethink my purchase of the bh. i love this bag becase it's roomy, practical and most of all reasonably priced. i also don't have any mono pieces. hmmm...maybe i should just get a damier saleya instead.
  14. I've had mine for about two months and it's wearing nicely. No problems here.
  15. hm... i'm loving the handles since my hands don't touch it so they will be clean longer. the only problem I have is the corners of the bag rubbing against random surfaces. I think the bag is a little big for me that is why. I think the BV would have probably been a better choice for me but I love the shape of the BH.