Owners of balenciaga raisin bags. How do u find the leather of 2009 raisin? Any fadin

  1. How do u find the leather of 2009 raisin? Any problem or fading issue?
  2. Mine is still fine but it has been absolutely been treated like a first born!

    I even cover it when I am driving in the car cause I was worried about fading.
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    mine still looks like the day i bought it....still shiny and i have not treated it with anything
  4. I have a raisin pt rh and the color has not faded at all. The bag has not been babied and has been exposed to a lot of sunlight - I have been wearing it nonstop for months now.
  5. My Raisin also still looks perfect- no fading at all. i haven't taken any special precautions with it and use it fairly regularly. I have an RH Part Time.

    Its a gorgeous colour that goes with everything!
  6. My Raisin GGH City still looks great.
    No fading yet.
  7. Wow. Seems like a raisin is the best purple. Without fading. Hmm. As I was contemplating it over a sang! Thks for all responses. Anyone else has issues to debate? Tia
  8. mine still looks really good too. no fading, and it has mostly been my everyday bag for the last 4 months or so.
  9. My Raisin GSH City still looks brand new. There is no fading whatsoever. I also baby my bags, so that's probably why. I don't treat my bags with any products at all. I've used my Raisin City, but not on a daily basis (and not too often)--not because I'm afraid it'll fade or anything, but because I get lazy and don't want to switch from my everyday bag. When not in use, I store it in its dustbag away from sunlight. So nope, no issues.
  10. I have a Raisin EC GGH and no fading issues and it's maybe because I also baby all my bags and storing them away from sunlight as well!!
  11. Ciaciasg - thank you for posting this question. I was wondering how this colour holds up. Looks like this is the purple to go for!
  12. My twiggy still looks brand new
  13. my GGH raisin work still looks great too..shiny and yummy =D
  14. yup mine still great as well, but i do store them in dustbags! :biggrin:
  15. my rasin held up much better then my violet...it's still in great shape!