owners of azur speedy

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has bought the azur speedy and don't like it?? I just bought it last week and I'm just not really feeling it much. I was thinking maybe I will change my mind or if I should just exchange it for something else.
  2. If you're not feeling the love for the azur speedy, return it. Get something that will make you fall in love at first sight. Good luck!
  3. oh by the way..its not the style I'm concerned about (I:heart: the speedy) its the azur!!
  4. i love mine...and i notice that i baby it the most because of it's creamy color. :sweatdrop:
  5. Go with your gut feeling...return it!
  6. I bought both 30 and 25 but sold them. I just wasn't feeling it at all.
  7. I agree with TFFC return it if you are iffy, good luck! I know its hard cuz you might regret...like i often do.
  8. yes...if you don't like it i also think that you should return it and exhange it for something that will make you happy when you're using it. :yes:
  9. if you dont mind me asking...why didn't you like them? thx
  10. i agree with everyone, if you dont like it return it! i got my azur speedy in February or early March and i have used it every day since! i really love it and still get compliments on it.
  11. Return it if you are not sure, I love mine
  12. Is the bag hard to take care of? I'm planning to get the azur next next week in Vegas as my first bag. However, I'm still having second thoughts because it might get so dirty easily. :crybaby:
  13. i really thought i'd love this irl... and i don't. i think mine is going back, too.
  14. ^^^I have the Azur Speedy 30...and as for it getting dirty easy...it's the same as say a Wh. MC bag. I have a Wh. MC Speedy and the canvas still looks brand new (the handles are what have gotten a bit dirty, also patina-ed). With the Azur...if you're careful where you sit it down, it should be fine.

    I mean it's canvas...it can be wiped off. Ya, the canvas is light...but that's not an issue (IMO). The thing that you need to be careful of as in alot of LV bags is the vachetta. :yes:

    Good Luck on your decision..:yes:

    (EDIT: Btw....I bought my Wh. MC Speedy (brand new) way back when it was first released).
  15. I have one and love it to bits :love: I've never been in love with a bag like this! But I have to agree that if you aren't feeling it that much, you should exchange it for another that you'll adore and use a lot.

    As for keeping it clean, well I'm not the most careful person and it still looks pristine. I just wipe it down with babywipes every so often.

    Good luck!