Owners of Azur Noe? thoughts?

  1. I am looking to buy an Azur bag in the spring and wanted something a little different from a Speedy (I already have 3 speedies), perhaps a shoulder bag, but not too tote-like. Would you recommend this bag despite the large amount of vachetta?

    I never really considered the Noe shape until I saw an azur one being modeled on here by someone (I forget who and what thread!). I think it's really beautiful but have no idea how big it is, etc. Any thoughts? :flowers:
  2. The Azur Noe is gorgeous!

    I spent half my summer in Taiwan, and my cousin's monogram Noe broke, so we went to the botique and she picked out the Azur Noe. She looks amazing with it and the bag is so functional!
  3. Oh, and good luck with you final decision! PM if you need more help!
  4. i think it looks so beautiful in azur, I think you should go for it!
  5. I think its great but soooo big! If it came in the petit size I wouldnt think twice about getting it!
  6. Thanks I will! :yes:

    The Noe is bigger than the Speedy 30? I just got my first Speedy 30 and it seems huge to me! But a shoulder bag is a different story...
  7. Azur Noe is very adaptable. Good luck in your decision! :smile:
  8. i love mine! its kinda big but big bags are my favorite! the only thing i'm worried about sometimes is the vachetta getting stained on the bottom..other that it's a great bag to have. :smile:
  9. Love it!
    Azur Noe is gorgeous!
  10. Azur Noe is nice, but I would never buy one because of the vacchetta bottom!!!! I don't like it, if the bottoms of my bags are dirty, and that isn't unavoidable!! I had an Alma in Mono, and I'm very careful with my bags, all the same the bottom and the corners was a little dirty. I have sold it.:sad::sad:
    I'm planning to buy a Noe in Epi black. I love it in Epi!
  11. I have seen this bag IRL on petit women and it looks great. I do worry about the vachetta bottom tough.
  12. The Noe is really starting to appeal to me too. I really love it in Azur, white MC and Epi. Please let us know what your final decision is! I'd especially love to see modelling pics!
  13. The Noé was my first Damier Azur piece. I LVoe it. I cannot wait until the vachetta turns dark !! I think the shape of the bag makes the Damier pattern even more interesting....as long as you are careful with the bag initially, when it finally gets it's dark patina on the bottom, dirt won't be as visible. I carried my Noé up until October, and it still looks fabulous. Here's mine :


    And the Inside is super roomy. Pictured here with a large purseket....


    I hope you decide to get one. You will LVoe it !!
  14. ^^^Drooling on keyboard. I want this bag!
  15. Ditto!