Owners of 6x8 Agendas...

  1. I'm considering switching from my Filofax for 2008 (specifically, to this, which I am trying hard to resist... but the Tattersall calls to me) and I was wondering how well everyone likes their Coach agendas. Are they heavy, for one -- I'll be switching from a Filofax that's about the same size, but pretty heavy -- and what's the page layout like for the diary pages? My writing scales pretty well, so I'm not too worried about available space to write stuff, but more about whether or not my organizational style will mesh well with the layout. (If anyone has pictures of the agenda pages themselves, that would be great!)

    Thanks in advance -- I tried to search for threads related to this, but search is down, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat topic! :smile:
  2. They are a tad heavy. I got mine @ the outlet for $80 and I was totally stoked about it. I used it for probably 4 months and stopped for a while because it was so heavy and I would forget to bring it to and from work.

    I got a new job in June and since I have gotten just a normal At-A-Glance because it is more organized for what I do at work and such.

    But they're so gorgeous!! I wish I could still use my Coach it's just so bulky.
  3. Hmm, I guess I'll have to head to my Coach boutique to handle the agenda and see how heavy it is... I'm trying to travel as light as I can, so if it's really that heavy, I might not get it.

    What did you think of the page layout? Was it ruled, space for notes, etc?

    (Hehe, sorry, in addition to a newfound Coach addiction I have a longtime planner addiction... combining the two is expensive but immensely satisfying, lol)
  4. I have a plain leather 6x8 agenda, I love it. Personally, it is not heavy to me - but those ergo totes are light to begin with. Watch out on the size though because it is too large to fit in some bags!
  5. :/ I hadn't considered that it might not fit -- I tend to go for smallish purses, so I'll definitely have to go try one out at the store.

    Also, shameless bump for more replies.
  6. I have the 6x8 Tattersall and it is big, but I like to write a lot down at times. I almost didn't get it either, I lucked out that someone returned one to our store. I have a Gallery Tote and it takes up a good amount of space in there. It's beautiful though, I love it.
  7. I just got the 3x5 from eBay and I'm in LOVE with it! There is more than enough room to write what I need since each double page is a week. Before that there's a section with the entire calendar on a page then you can detail it later in the weekly section. SO glad I didn't get a bigger one as I tend to carry small bags. I took out the address section (would never use it) so that made it even more skinny.

  8. Yeah try for yourself and see what you think. I just think it's bulky to travel with etc. There is a good amount of space to write but not enough if you have ALOT to do.

    For example I had one right out of college. I didn't have much to do and I was an assistant at my job.

    Then when I changed jobs and moved up the lob ladder for lack of better words I saw that all these people had bigger ones but I still stuck with my Coach. Soon I realized I ran out of space really fast and I ended up downgrading ( in the Label sense lol) to a larger skinnier planner that I love!

    I'm also a planning whore lol. I write down everything. I write down the night before what I have to do the next day at work every night. Very gratifying to cross stuff out!
  9. See if I was going to buy another Coach planner I'd probably by one that size.
  10. Miss Dior
    Here is my agenda. Well, actually I gave it to my teenage daughter, she has been babysitting so much she needed a planner. She lugs it everywhere and has not complained a bit, but we both love large Coach purses and tend to stuff the kitchen sink in them.
    I took a photo of the outside (:wtf:yikes) she has put it through the ringer! Also, a photo of the inside with her notes....
    I think the best thing to do is to go "try it on" ask to put one in your purse and walk around with it and see how heavy it is to you. Plus, take a purse that you would normally carry, that way you can tell right away if the size is right for you or not.
    Hope this helps :tup:
    CoachAgenda1.JPG Agenda2inside.JPG
  11. I love my 6x8 agenda in gingature Khaki/rose! I always have it with me at work. It has tons of writing space and is the perfect layout!
  12. Krissy,

    Thank you!! The pics are very helpful -- I think I like the format of the pages and such. I think I'll be hitting up my local store to try one out shortly (if they have it... I hope it's not all sold out, I love the tattersall) since the layout would probably work for me. All I'd have to put in it would be academic stuff, so I think it'd work well!! :smile:
  13. Good gosh, I also took a photo of one of the calendar pages. If you want to see it just let me know...I was in a hurry and forgot to include it. :upsidedown:
  14. I have the 6X8 tattersall and it is heavy for me. i had to take out the address book and the note paper, but if you used to carring something heavy it might be ok for you. i was going to go to the next size down but it was too small for me. tattersall is so beautiful i hope it fits your needs!
  15. That would be great -- it's in my cart now at Coach.com and I'm still going through the last-minute debating process. :biggrin: